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Friday, September 30, 2005

Day 1

Thanks for the update.

Here's a shot of the team at the Lowenbrau Tent at the Oktoberfest grounds. We never got a table inside but had a good time anyway.

Today: Off to Englischer Garden and Seehaus.

Hello from Munchen ! ! !

Well, we made it. In spite of delayed flights and cancelled flights, everyone that was scheduled to be here is here; albeit somewhat late. After brief pleasantries, we headed to the Wiesn. Paulaner Tent was closed, so off to Lowenbrau. With 9 people it was tough getting a table inside, so we got one outside. Ordered beers and it started to rain. Oh well, c´est la vie (oops, wrong country).

Anyway, we had beer, then headed to the Hofbrauhaus. After more beer and food, we had a greasy gyro, then decided to seat ourselves at Shakepeares, a great little bar. The evening ended around 3:00AM trying to find food. Not much open at that time. Oh well, more for today (Friday).

Planning on doing something, and then meeting back at the Hofbrauhaus around 3P-4P. Hopefully other research associates will jon. Wear your shirt ! !

Auf Wiedersehen.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Barbus Clock

The reliable Barbus Clock informs: 18 hrs 50 minutes to go and we will meet in the Hofbrauhaus.
Meeting time is on the clock.

The CLOCK......

We have approximately 0 hours and 14 minutes left until we meet on Thursday, 29 September, at Augustiner Großgaststätte, at 14:00 local time.

When I post this the local time is : 07.15 hrs.
I hope our Grand Oktoberfestian is aware of this and that he realises that we feel trapped now that we have to wait 6 more hours to start the party; let's fine him.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The First Oktoberfestians Head to the Airport

Because of the west coast locale, BarleyMan and Paulaner Girl have the dubious honor of the first ones to begin the trek to Munchen. As of this posting, they are on their way to the airport. Later today they will be followed by Grumpy & Mrs. Grumpy, the newly appointed "Little Einfahrt", Jim, Sam, Chugger and the infamous Einfahrt himself.

Auf Wiedersehen.

The next post will originate from Munchen ! !

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Have a Safe Flight


Schlumberger Lady & Barbus

Better Late Than Never...

While we only have until tomorrow to freely post, it was nice to see one new poster this week (Ludwig II). In addition, I just got a confirmation email on a second new Oktoberfestian registering on the site. While there is still time for posting activity, we wait with baited breath to see if it occurs.

The new registrant, you ask.. "Little John". Sorry, still can't resist.

Ok everyone else, we know you have been lurking and reading but not posting. Tonight is your last chance. Get With It ! ! ! !

Add to the list of items to pack.....

BDG2M Book(s)
Pepto & Immodium
BDG2M Researcher Shirt & Card
Newport, KY & Vegas Hofbrauhaus Shirts
Extra Socks (in case of rain)
Lots of Euros

Beer Call 09/27/05

Maybe the final beer call before departure. I had lunch with fellow Oktoberfestian Herr Dell, and we dined on sausage and St. Pauli Girl. While St. Pauli Girl is brewed in "strict accordance with the German Purity Law", it is good at best, but not the best. I would drink it, but I believe it is difficult to drink in mass quantities. We will start that on Thursday.

Sorry for the poor picture. I know it is not up to BarleyMan standards, but it was taken with my cell phone.

Just wondering

If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

If a cow laughed, would milk come out of her nose?

If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...does that mean that one enjoys it?

OK. That was my final stateside post. Tuesday's posting obligation has been met. Next posting from me to come from the city of Munich.

Nano Tech

Nano technology is starting to show some interesting progress. This site has some software tools to help nano designers model their intended creations. Cool things are going to happen in this area over the next decade.

"Katrina Takes a Toll on Truth, News Accuracy"

Our news reporting seems to be the latest failure in a series of tragedies from the hurricane(s). While I have been sceptical of mass media for some time, the reports from Katrina seem to have hit new (low) standards in (in)accuracy, hype, shrillness, and echo chamber. The Los Angeles Times is hardly a right-wing paper, but reports on what almost seems like the child's game of "telephone," where one child whispers a sentence in the ear of another who tells it to another child and so on around a big circle. The original sentence is lost in the game as it goes around. The Times-Picayune, a New Orleans regional paper has similar refutals. We've also seen TV interviews that turned out completely falsified.

The problem here isn't the bad facts, unchecked rumors, or false stories. They can be almost expected of such a mess and the news reporting system. The problem is that opinions are formed based on such lousy stories and even if the press is later corrected, the opinions formed are already in play. The truth has no chance of catching up with the initial impressions.

I've said it before, but getting facts before forming an opinion is important. Relying on the press for facts is a mistake.

As You Board Your Flight:

Beware of what recently happened in San Francisco....

A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket, instead he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat....she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub."

Weather Forecast Getting Better

Looking a little better!

Monday, September 26, 2005



Your hourly clock is cool, but by my calculation, it is a few hours off.

We meet at 1330 on Thursday, GMT-1. It is now 0330, Tuesday, GMT-1. Which is exactly 2 days 10 hours, which is 58 hours, not the 67 hours, 30 minutes being calculated...

Unless of course you are going into hiding for 10 hours... ;-)

My New Derndl Date

Due to unforseen circumstances, Bonnie will not be able to attend so I found a new partner for the trip. I hope you don't mind!

Chugger & Einfahrt are already in Munich?

Porn shoot stuns tourists

Sep 26 12:08 PM US/Eastern

BERLIN (Reuters) - Italian vacationers admiring the view from a fairground Ferris wheel at the Munich Oktoberfest got more than they bargained for when a porn shoot suddenly began inside their cabin, authorities said on Friday.
Having settled down to enjoy a leisurely spin on the wheel at the famous beer festival, the group of Italians were quite unprepared for the arrival of two men toting cameras and a woman who started to use a vibrator.
Unable to stop the shoot, the Italians informed local police, who promptly arrested the actress and her crew, a Marketing Director and a General Manager..
"They said they weren't doing it for commercial reasons but that they wanted to see how visitors would react," police said. The three have been charged with public indecency.

All over the World

Friends ?

I Wanted to Photo-Chop This....

but I could not think of any way to improve it. I would like to know, though, how long it will take for Einfahrt's nose to look that.

I Knew It!

That damn weather chart broke the blog! Broke the blog! broke the blog! broke the blog...

Buffalo Theory for Smart Asses

I don´t know what happened, but I believe that the European view of our Blog sometimes shows different images. Here is what we see.
It´s why I´ve asked `does she mean right or left`
To be honest I had to drink a few beers......................... and remebered the wise words Cliff said to Norm in one of the first episodes of Cheers.

`A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo and when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Now, as we know, excessive drinking of alcohol kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. And that is why you always feel smarter after a few beers."

Visits to Oktoberfest - A World Class Event

Reflections on the countdown....

With children, you first start talking about their age in terms of weeks, then months, and eventually you get to x years old.

With Oktoberfest this year, we talked about months to go, then weeks to go, and most recently days to go.

Is it now appropriate to talk about Hours to Go?

introduction of two newbie's

Before you all dash off to Munich, here is a quick introduction of two newbie’s to the Holy Order of October festians.
Name: Richard, married to Agnes, two daughters, 9 and 12. Former NCR. Live in Dayton for a while. Agnes got into the Dayton way of live, picked up line dancing and became bowling champ. Agnes is a teacher and provides a regular income to compensate my entrepreneurial habit to spend money on future business.

Although new to this group, I am an Oktoberfest veteran. Purely by coincidence……, end of September Munich is the center of business meetings. I once convince my USA boss that he should sponsor a table, best marketing dollars ever spend. Actually, in the past 10 years I had the privilege to be in Munich at least 5 times per year. With customers like Siemens, Allianz and Deutsche Telekom there was no way of avoiding the place. This is how I’ve come to love the city and in my mind it is truly one of the nicest cities in Europe. It is the perfect blend where Northern Europe meets the Mediterranean culture. Munich has a lay back, joy of life, attitude but don’t jaywalk. You will be publicly corrected by a 90 year old pensioner.

For Agnes this will be the first visit to Munich. With two kids that need to be stalled, our visit will be confined to a long weekend stay, but for compensation, we will double the beer consumption.

Looking forward to meet you all. Have a good flight and see you on the wiesse.

Ludwig II

The upload, she no work

Pictures can be uploaded, the sequence seems fine, but no link to the resulting picture is placed in the post being composed. Something is broken.

Did Grumpy Break the Blog ? ?

I received an email from Grumpy yesterday stating he had issues trying to upload a picture. I briefly explained the procedure, naturally expecting it to be operator error. Well, I have just tried posting with a picture and it appears to be non-functional. You can select a picture to post and go through the actual motions to upload it, but the html never gets placed into the actual post.

Can someone else verify?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gute Reise!

Team Members,
Eliska and I (that’s her on the cover and that’s NOT me standing next to her) have had a lot of fun browsing your blog these past several months as you prepare for your big research mission in Munich. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the back and forth banter, the quick wit and the humorous posts. It’s all in keeping with the spirit of The BDG2M to have a great time and enjoy Munich in every way possible. Most of those ways involve beer, and you folks have broken the code. Yours is truly a league-sanctioned event. Have a great trip, stay safe not sober, and if possible send us back a digital pix or two for the website. Cheers and Prosit!
Fieldführer (Larry) and Fieldfräulein (Eliska)

Beer Call 9/24/05

Hopefully everyone is in training. My beer? 2005 Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen. Good Amber beer, clean crisp taste.

Paulaner girl did not think this bottled brew met her standards. There's no pleasing her! Of course, you knew that. ;-)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A personal note from Larry....

Chugger et al-

I must confess that I have been lurking, waiting for the right moment to blog this... Now seems as good a time as any. This is a spritual send-off, if I have ever seen one. I thank Larry for the kind words (by the way, I always wondered what Freizeit I know).

This wraps up my mandatory posts. Now I am just doing it for the fun of it. ;-)

BTW... I believe Larry is referring to my Amazon review of his book that I posted on February 25, 1998. My simple message: Indispensible..

Weather Outlook

Einfahrt... Here's the weather forecast:

The saddest part about rainy weather is that our trip to Englischer Garden will only focus on beer and food, not the lovely sun worshipers that frequent that place. :-(

Sorry Chugger.

Friday, September 23, 2005

My Last Night at Thirsty Dog...

I know this is not Oktoberfest related (well maybe, it's about beer), but tonight was my last visit to "The Dog". Because of bad business practices (my opinion), Saturday is the last day of business for our one and only micro-brewery in Dayton.

Sadness abounds. After having lunch there today, I returned in the evening to participate in the removal of several hundreds of pounds of barley, hops and malt (into my car and Einfahrt's). Hopefully Einfahrt can figure out how to mix all of this shit together to make beer.

I was tricked into a chugging contest with a female type, who was Designated Walker's student teacher. Rumor is she is unbeatable, even though she is tall, thin and very slim. So I gave in and accepted the challenge, knowing I couldn't win (I beat her "she's just a girl"...I lose, "you got beat by a girl????"). So, after two challenges (which I won), Chugger lives up to his name and beats the pants (figuratively speaking of course) off of the challenger. Take that Darr-man ! !

Camaraderie (sp?) was everywhere, beer was flowing, and friends were exchanging pleasantries. Not often do you lose a good drinking establishment, but also a place where your friends congregate. Imagine the trauma when Cheers closed.

Another reason to renew and continue our friendship in munchen.

Blank Chart - AKA Screwed Up Weather Post

I got this from (shamefully stolen, then subsequently screwed up in an earlier posting)

Click Here for updated 10 day forecast.

Looks like the weekend is going to be pretty good!

Update: I took out the chart/table as it was "breaking the blog"


Let me assure you I DO NOT have a problem with my attire. I kept ALL my clothes from where I was gainfully employed years ago. I wear them all. How many people do you know that wear wingtips to cut their grass and my Buffett shirts are quite becoming.
Speaking of grass, I no longer do grass! I now only cut it.
Pauliner Girl, I'll have you know that I don't need a Wonderbra as, at my age I can now fill a 42B. I have all the sags referred to in all the medical journals.
It seems that you all are beginning to think I am Grumpy. Oh contrair! I only hate mornings. Give a couple of beers and get me past 10am and I am the perfect example of Mr. Happy. Gosh, I wonder what happens when there is a time change?
What do you think Chugger I posted with out waiting for your sarcastic jabs!

Grumpy? Bah humbug!!

Hurd V. Chirac

Many of us on this blog came from, but no longer work for NCR / AT&T. One of our peers was a fellow named Mark Hurd. He's now CEO of HP. Today's Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has this:

So when President Jacques Chirac asked his cabinet Tuesday to ensure that Hewlett-Packard "fully respects" its obligations under French labor law, it was no empty threat. CEO Mark Hurd, who wants to cut 14,500 jobs world-wide, including 1,240 positions in France, had better make sure his lawyers have read the fine print of the French legal code. Mr. Chirac even appealed to the European Commission for help but Brussels mercifully rejected the idea of interfering with business decisions.
The overall message of the article is the difficulty in closing or reducing the size of operations in France; and the political positioning of Mssr. Chirac to show he's fighting for jobs while restraining businesses from making business decisions. The article recounts that a Nestle operation, closed by the Swiss company, including offering retirement and/or positions in other plant to its employees has been ordered to "reopen."

Reopen a plant known to be extraneous to operations? to be a drag on the company? An appealing prospect.

Guten Tag Oktoberfesters !

Well, it has been almost a week since Oktoberfest was opened with the ceremonial Tapping of the Keg; O'zapft ist! And since we have not seen any disasters reported, I assume everything is functioning as expected for our visit next week. Speaking of which, approximately 6 days until first arrivals, for those of you who struggled with math.

It appears "alles ist im ordnung", and everyone now just needs to do the last minute packing. Thanks to BarleyMan (aka the Duke of Dunkel) for executing his assigned travel coordination duties for Thursday's first arrivals. The second group will be scurrying along to partake in that first brew as quickly as possible. Remember we have Dell and Jane's single piece of luggage that sounds like one that's big enough to hold all our luggage plus have room for shopping. We are considering a truck to meet us at the airport. I, of course, am always packed and ready to go a moment's notice. Just point me in the right direction, and my bier homing device is activated.

One thing we need to watch out for is Grumpy's demeanor. Americans are such a common sight these days that a new Oktoberfest guide by the Naumann publishing company has a new definition: "A species mostly spotted moving around in packs and wearing shorts, baseball caps and Hawaiian shirts." Substitute Hawaiian for Jimmy Buffet, and, well, you know....

Side note, got back from Cleveland last night around 10:30, and the prognosis is moderate stage Alzheimer's for mom. A slowly progressive disease that just gets worse. Right now just memory issues (hopefully nothing else), and as usual, the medical profession wants to prescribe drugs.
--- Turn cynic mode on ---
Of course when asked what the drugs will do, the answer is "not much". When asked if "we will see any improvement", the answer is "probably not". So my sister asked the ultimate question, "why bother then", and the answer was "because it might help". My translation.... "I get a kick back from the drug company for prescribing Aricept, so let's go for it."
--- Turn cynic mode off ---

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Since it's Open Blog Thursday...

I thought I would post something.

I'm off to Cleveland for the rest of the day (actually 3+ hours to get there, probably 30 mins at doctor, then 3+ hours home), and will not be online until late tonight. Oh, btw... doctor is for my mother, not me. Seems they think Alzheimer's is starting. Should know more later.

Guess that could be my post for tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Blog

It is with much consternation that I am posting this blog. It seems ye olde gainfully employeed do not realize the energy I expend doing "womans work". While you sit behind your guilded desk; puffing cigars or sipping Starbucks, hear I am dutifully performing "womans work".
Just today, I made the beds(OK only mine); went shopping; prepared the meals(only mine); went shopping; did the laundry; went shopping; swept the floors; went shopping; dusted the furniture; went shopping; washed the windows; watched "All My Children" and then went shopping; talked on the phone; went shopping! And now you want me to post too!! I am very busy, I no longer get to take a couple of hours for lunch; I no longer get to stop after work and partake of that FINE nector we refer to as bier! No, I have to do womans work. Oh, I also had to go to the dry cleaners to pick up her majesties clothes and make arrangements for her cake for her blessed birthday on Friday NUMBER 50 !!!!! Of course I still had to trim the yard; cut the grass; and deposit my great gift, born to me via the great bald eagle that shits my SOC check once a month! I don't use automatic deposit as I don't trust the banks.
That said I have posted for the last time as NEXT WEDNESDAY, I will be wending my way to the promised land to partake of the nectar with my wonderful employed friends.


Is it me.....

... or has Grumpy missed another assigned posting day (I know it is still early, and maybe this will get him off his you-know-what)?

Drinking in Munchen is going to be very inexpensive for the blog participants that Grumpy is buying bier for.

What say you Grumpy ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

French Factories

[Trying hard to behave self]

Apparently, Mssr. Villepin will be proposing changes in how much to PAY women to have children. I was unaware of this, but monthly pay for children has been a part of French life for some time. The proposed changes bring the monthly payment to $1,250. for a woman with three children.

This concept seems, well, foreign, to me.

Honey: Pack up the kids: we're moving to France!!

Hey Barbus....

When does the time change in Europe this year? Will we be affected?

Bring your Bumpershoots and Galoshes

The weather appears to be warmer than we have experienced in the past, but wet.

It shouldn't slow us down too much, but may make the tents a little more crowded.

No sitting outside.... :-(

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Field Researcher's Meeting Place

Most of us get in either Thursday or Friday afternoon. We will be meeting up at the HofBrauHaus Friday afternoon (September 30th, sometime around 3:00 PM.) To those who might be following this blog, are going to be in Munich, and wish to say hello - feel free to come by and share a beer (or two) with us! I guess the only good way to tell who we are among the crowd will be that we will attempt to wear our Field Researcher t-Shirts. While there may be a slight crowd, (yes really,) there can't be that many Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich Field Researchers. If there are, well, we can join them as well! Just use the secret Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich sign (it involves bringing over a beer.)

If you'd like, post a message here so that we know to look for you.

Germany Loses Its Own Election

This is the title of an article in Der Spiegel (English version.) The article states that a Chancellor must be elected/chosen by October 18th. I suspect that there will be some amount of discussion about this, among Germans, while we are there. Apparently major decisions are deadlocked until this is sorted out. Good wishes to our German hosts!

I'm not enough up on German politics to have valid opinions, so this is largely a spectator sport for me. My understanding is that there ended up being not much difference in their positions on: Iraq, economy, jobs, social state, foreign policy, or the admission of Turkey. Hard to figure out the lighter shadings of their positions. Notably absent from campaign discussions were EU issues (other than Turkey.)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bring your surfboards!

Munich is truly an amazing place. Castles, beer, churches, women, pig knuckles, stair diving,....and now..... surfing.

Here's a shot a the latest craze on the Isar. I guess the bottom is perfect for creating a wave during the recent rains. I can't wait to see Einfahrt and Barbus tackling the monster curl! Or as they call it in Bavaria... Das Grosse Kahuna .... dude!

The Three Musketeers ! !

BarleyMan, What Happened?

It is great that you are planning the arrival of the first Oktoberfestians and offering meeting suggestions... Meeting Suggestions . However, while this is in the spirit of your assigned (and accepted) responsibilities, it does not seem to be in line with what would be expected of a Duke and Dutchess.

A previous posting assigned you the responsibility to arrange safe transport for fellow Oktoberfestians... Responsibilities While not explicitly defined, the expectation was an escort from the Flughafen to the Hauptbahnhof.

What happened?

We Can Now Actually Say.....

We go to Oktoberfest NEXT WEEK !

alcohol popsicles

I’ve just read that the Munich Beer Festival has banned "alcohol popsicles" and pop music to stop the event turning into a "drunken orgy". Scenes of drunken girls dancing semi-naked on the backs of male party-goers or on tables were flashed around the world last year. Oktoberfest organisers now want to return to the festival's roots by concentrating on beer steins and traditional brass bands.
Festival organiser Gabriele Weishaeupl said: "It has begun to turn into an orgy for party animals. The tents are not supposed to be discos, but should remain traditional Bavarian beer tents. "Last year was one of the bawdiest years ever, with many an exposed nipple as well as the huge quantities of alcohol consumed."Alcopops have been banned and beer tent owners have agreed to refrain from playing popular hits such as DJ Otzi's Hey Baby and Lou Bega's Mambo No 5.I am not sure but Oktoberfest 2005 could become a boring experience.

I wonder what will be banned after we have been there.

Hotel Excelsior

You can all inform your spouses that the Hotel Excelsior has blow dryers in all the rooms. That may not mean much to those of you who no longer have a full head of hair, but to us womenfolk it's one less thing to worry about, especially with adaptors, converters etc. :>)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ahh! A cool one!

We are visiting the Spaten tent. Right?

Interesting Outcome

The German election results look confusing....

Exit polls showed conservative challenger Angela Merkel's party leading in German parliamentary elections Sunday, but falling short of the majority she needs to form a center-right coalition even as voters ousted Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's government.

How long do they have to form a coalition? What if they cannot form a coalition government?

Perhaps they will solicit our support while we are there. Bribery (in the form of a beer) is always welcome. ;-)

Meeting spot on Thursday

By my projections, we (2 people) are in at 9:50, hit the S-Bahn by 10:30, at the hotel by 11:30. Best case.

Check-in, shower, shave, ready to drink by 12:15.

The Philly group (4 people) will land at 10:35. Given the same time schedule, but more complex logistics, they will be ready to drink (at a central meeting point), by 1:30). The youngsters will be ready before that, Grumpy and wife a little longer.

The Paris team (5 people), land at 11:55. Will being an EU based flight decrease time in Airport? Hmmmm. Catch the 12:30 train, 1:15 to hbf, 1:30 check in, 2:15 ready to roll.

This all assumes NO CHECKED LUGGAGE or International Warrants by Interpol to clear like last time.

My recommendation is that we meet at Augustiner Großgaststätte on Karlsplatz at 2:15. This is a good place, outside area if weather is nice, and within striking distance of other venues and the U-Bahn to Weis'n.

OR we could meet at Weisses Bräuhaus (near HofBrauHaus) or Augustiner Keller (a walk).

Comments? Suggestions? My goal is to have a spot that is around stuff to do, open, and amenable to a large group (9). I'd rather not meet at the hotel.

Let me know and I will put together fool proof directions for our friends at the Marriott and Alfa. I figure Chugger and Einfahrt can make it on their own. Also, my phone is functional in German (it should be, since it is T-Mobile).

Homely Hugo!

I realize today was designated "A Day of Rest" however I find it necessary for some one to obligue me. Usually the only thing that puccers on Sunday is my deriea when the collection plate is passed around, however today I will pucker my lips in order to obtain some information on "Homely Hugo aka Speedy-Civic. I need Homely"s name. I assume Jack Lynch is really John, but Homely, who knows. If you would please provide me with "the real Speedy-Civic's" name it would be appreciated. Why you ask? So we can cancel his reservation unless he posts before trying to depart from Philadelphia. Actually it's a secret.
I never thought of that, but we should also think of some devious thing for the two lady companions traveling under the disguised names Dell and Sam actually Della and Samantha. Have a great day. Go Bucks! Go Browns! Go Indians!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A True Field Researcher

As I begin the ritual of preparation and inner-self cleansing, I found my Field Research Team T-Shirt. While we have not visited all of Mr. Hawthorne's wondrous gathering places, we sure have made a significant effort. Maybe this trip will add another or two. I can wonder about Forshungs, Park Cafe, and Weisses Brauhaus. Three more for the record ! !

This is what my T-Shirt currently looks like....

Why we go to Oktoberfest

Bräustüberl – Zieglerkeller in Dachau

It is now time to pause, and share. Here are top reasons I go to Oktoberfest:

1. The bier. No matter where you go in Munich, you will be served some of the best beer in the world, by folks who care about what they are serving. The typical Munich style bier has great flavor, served at just the right temperature, and served in an appropriate size container, One Liter. And while drinking mass quantities will make you move slowly in the morning, I wouldn't describe it as a hangover, just your body's way of recovering from all the walking you did the night before.

2. The food. Sounds crazy, because I never go to German restaurants in the US. I am not a huge sausage guy, don't like Sauerkraut, or sauer braten. But give me some Haxen (pig knuckle), Hendl (Roast Chicken), Spaetzel (Noodles), and Bretzle (Prezel), and I am a happy guy. It may be the places we go, but I found that the restaurants are all good and all seem to focus on the quality of the food. The one thing that gets my goat more than anything is going to restaurants, bars, venues, where the proprietor doesn't care what they are serving to you.

3. The people. Bavarians are very nice people. In general, they see a lot of tourists, but are always willing to talk, and help us when we need directions, etc. The thing that always amazes me is the community feeling and tradition you feel in Bavaria. You'll see white haired old timers tipping glasses with 20 something with punk hair. I think it is a healthy thing. I'll also always remember the German couple and their kids I saw on the train, all heading out to the mountains for a hike. The boys, and dad, all had on traditional lederhosen. They had their lunch, probably bread, sausage, and cheese, in backpacks. A family oriented place.

4. The locale. Munich and its surroundings is a pretty magical place. Very neat and tidy wherever you go. The Alps and countryside is beautiful, and being from California, a welcome splash of green. The houses are built to last hundreds of years, with Geranium Window boxes. There are always new things to see, from the small hamlets, to the big city with hundreds of beer halls. It's just so goddamned civilized.

5. The Party. Oktoberfest is like a huge state fair, with a twist. The tents, with up to 9,000 people in each one, are unlike anything I have ever seen. thousands of people drinking one liter mugs of bier, singing along with the band, and generally having a great time. It is the reference of every event I have ever attended, and none even come close. I am sure Mardi Gras in Rio, San Fermin in Pamplona, and Palio in Siena are good parties, but when one thinks about 14 major tents, each with thousands of people, 16 days in a row, you get an image of how big a party this is. And in my 4 times I have seen maybe 2 "security" incidents. That is a testament to the German people, and the attitude that they bring with them to the fest.

6. The Friends. I save the best for last. I have know most of the folks on the trip for years. I met Einfahrt in 1982, Chugger in 1985, and others in the 90's. Our friendships are such that we can go for many years without seeing each other, yet when we meet, it seems like we pick up where we left off. While it appears we are growing apart politically, that just makes the conversation more animated. ;-)

See everyone on the 29th.

Oans, zwoa, O'zapft is

Yes, das Oktoberfest hat angefangen !
Exactly 12.00 a.m. Herr Oberburgermeister has connected the tap to the barrel. He only needed 2 hits (it is a record) to let the beer stream.
Schlumberger Lady and I were watching the live-broadcast and made some pictures to share.
For more pictures have a look at:

Friday, September 16, 2005

Klostervisits and Nun jokes

That we know when visiting:
Q: What is the definition of innocence?
A: A nun working in a condom factory thinking she's making sleeping bags for mice.
A priest and a nun partnered up for a game of golf.As the priest swung the first drive he missed and senta large divit flying through the air. "Shit,I missed," he siad.The nun looked shocked. Several holes later he missed a vital putt."Shit ,I missed," muttered the Priest. This time the nun could not contain herself."Father,you must watch your language." The Priest apologized."May God strike me dead if I swear again," he said.But on the 18th he chipped the ball into the bunker. "Ah shit,missed again," he said. Suddenly a bolt of lightening flashed down from a black cloud and struck the nun dead. And a thunderous voice from above boomed:" Ah shit,missed again."
Two nuns in a bath. The first one says "Where's the soap"; the second one replies "Yes it does, doesn't it"
It was Friday, and four nuns went to the priest at the local Catholic church to ask for the weekend off.They argued back and forth for a few minutes. Finally the priest agreed to let them leave the convent for the weekend. "However", he said, "as soon as you get back Monday morning I want you to confess to me what you did over the weekend." The four nuns agree, and run off. Monday comes, and the four nuns return. The first nun goes to the priest and says, "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned." The priest asks, "What did you do, Sister?" She replies, "I watched an R-rated movie." The priest looks up at heaven for a few seconds, then replies, "You are forgiven. Go and drink the holy water."The first nun leaves, and the fourth nun begins to chuckle quietly under her breath. The second nun then goes up to the priest and says,"Forgive me , Father, for I have sinned." The priest replies,"OK, what happened?" She says, "I was driving my brother's car down the street in front of his house,and I hit a neighbors dog and killed it."The priest looks up to heaven for half a minute, then says, "You are forgiven. Go and drink the holy water." The second nun goes out. By this time, the fourth nun is laughing quite audibly. Then the third nun walks to the priest and says, "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned." The priest asks, "Out with it. What did you do?" She says, "Last night, I ran naked up and down Main Street." The priest looks up at heaven for a full five minutes before responding,"God forgives you. Go and drink the holy water." She leaves. The fourth nun falls on the floor, laughing so hard tears run down her cheeks. The priest asks her, "OK. What did you do that was so bloody funny?" The fourth nun replies, "I peed in the holy water..."
One day a nun was fishing and caught a huge fish for supper. A man was walking by and said "Wow what a goddamn fish!" The sister said "Sir you shouldn't talk to me like that: I'm a nun", and the man said "But that's the name of it: a goddamn fish". So the sister took the fish back to the rectory and said "Mother superior, look at the goddamn fish I caught." The mother superior said "Sister, you shouldn't talk like that!", and the sister said "But mother superior, that's the name of it: a goddamn fish". So the mother superior said "Well give me the goddamn fish and I'll clean it." While she was cleaning the fish the monsignor walked in and she said "Monsignor look at the goddamn fish that the sister caught." The monsignor said "Mother superior you shouldn't talk like that!", and the mother superior said "But that's the name of it: a goddamn fish". So the monsignor said "Well give me the goddamn fish and I'll cook it". That evening at supper there was a new priest at the table, and he said "Wow what a nice fish". And the sister said "I caught the goddamn fish." And mother superior said "I cleaned the goddamn fish". And the monsignor said "I cooked the goddamn fish". And the new priest said: "I like this fucking place already!"

And for those who learn German :)

Lärm und Gelächter im Klosterhof. Die Abtissin kommt verärgert und schimpft die jungen Novizinnen: "Wenn ihr weiterhin so viel Lärm macht, dann dürft ihr nächstes Mal nicht mehr Fahrrad ohne Sattel fahren!"

Die Äbtissin läßt wegen eines nächtlichen Vorfalls alle Nonnen des Konvents versammeln und spricht: "Schwestern, ein Mann wurde heute Nacht im Konvent gesehen!""Uuuuh" machen die Nonnen. Eine Nonne: "hihihihi""Schwestern, es wurde auch ein benutztes Kondom gefunden!" "Uuuuh" machen die Nonnen. Eine Nonne: "hihihihi" "Schwestern, die schlechte Nachricht ist, daß das Kondom ein Loch hatte!!""hihihihi" machen die Nonnen. Eine Nonne: "Uuuuh"


More down to earth :)

I hardly forgot to tell, but Schlumberger Lady and I managed to buy a new boat. All these blog activities, duties, beer and wine festivals, holidays etc. were not really helping us, but last week we finally found some time to get together and to sign the contract for a new boat.
It will be delivered April next year. More pictures of the boat you'll see at
The name of the ship is .............................? The first wins a beer on my account.

Roe versus Wade

.... when asked about Roe vs. Wade, President Bush said that he doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans ....

Don't Forget to Bring...

Your Field Research Team Identification Card....

Today's German Primer...

Today's posting will concentrate on some of the most important words or phrases that will be required during the Oktoberfestians' visit to Munich. By no means are these the only ones required, so should you have a need for a phrase, please ask. If I have forgotten something extremely useful, please comment.

Bier... Pronounced: Beeeeer
If you do not know this, you should not be going.

Danke... Pronounced: Dunka
Thank you (informally).

Vielen Dank... Pronounced: Feelen Dunk
Thank you very much (informally). Not to be confused with feelin' drunk.

Bitte... Pronounced: Bitta
Your welcome when it follows "Danke".
Please when used after a questions.
Please/Excuse me when used by itself.

Eins... Pronounced: eyenz

Zwei... Pronounced: Zweye

Drei... Pronounced: Dreye

Eins/Zwei/Drei Bier Bitte... Pronounced: xxx Beeeer Bitta
One/Two/Three Beers please.

Guten Tag... Pronounced: Gooten Tag
Godd day/Good afternoon (an informal greeting)

Guten Abend... Pronounced: Gooten Ahbend
Good Evening

Gute Nachte... Pronounced: Gooota Nahkt
Good Night

Aufwiedersehen... Pronounced: owf veeder sayen
Good bye/See you again.

Ya... Pronounced: Ya

Nein... Pronounced: Nine

Yavohl... Pronounced: Ya Vohl
A very strong and sometime "fanatic" Yes. Depending on the mood or people, it could be controversial because of its Nazi roots. Be careful with this word.

More to follow in the next two weeks.....

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oktoberfest begins in less than 2 Days

Don't know if everyone has been watching, but it seems like only yesterday our Web Cam showed a mostly empty field. Now, with 2 days left to go, Oktoberfest appears ready to launch!!! WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

We did go to Opening day in 2001, but they had trimmed down the celebration because of 9/11. This year appears to be a real 'fest... I have an idea fo a money making venture. We get the spray from the first keg opening, and put it in little bottles to wear around your neck....hmmmm

"On Saturday, September 17th, the Schottenhamel tent is the place to be, if you want to catch the official opening ceremonies. At noontime, 12pm, the lord mayor of Munich will have the honor of tapping the first keg of Oktoberfest beer. Once the barrel has been tapped, all visitors will then be allowed to quench their thirst. It pays to arrive early in order to experience the festivities up close and personal and it’s quite common for visitors to come around 9am to secure good seats. The festival will last until October 3, 2005. "

Welcome a New Member to Our Blog ! !


I have invited, and he has accepted. Mr. Larry Hawthorne, of BDG2M fame has joined our team of bloggers. He has been commenting, and will hopefully now post as well.

Everyone welcome "fieldfuehrer" Larry !

Terrible Accident

There has been a terrible traffic accident. Quick! Somebody check for survivors!

Virtually there

Well, I've taken Chugger's invitation and am now officially on your blog. Will be happy to post from time to time if I can add anything to your planning and your trip, although it appears to me you have plenty of cooks and the sauerbraten is simmering pretty well. I'd really rather add Eliska and I to go with you, but that is not to be this year. Will be happy to get reports back from the field during your trip. Cheers and prosit!

Everyone Wants a Plan ! !

Don't you Oktoberfestians have minds of your own? How many posts in the last week or so refer to "the plan", or ask what are we doing on Friday, or Sunday? The answer is, something that has something to do with bier. Ok, maybe your inner biological clock can't handle the fluid nature of our excursion, a lack of discipline is foreign to you, you want your days scheduled for you. Well, if that is the case, give me 100 Euros per day and I will be your personal Oktoberfest guide. Recognizing this crew would never pay me anything for anything, the general, and occasionally modified, expected suggestions for occupying our time is as follows:

Major Activities Only... Fill in the Gaps When Appropriate...
The Wiesn

Englisher Garten
Wiesn or Augustiner Keller

Shopping hosted by Schlumberger Lady for the Frauleins
Paulaner Brauhaus for the non-shoppers
Braustuberl - Zieglerkeller Dachau

Kloster Weltenberg
The Wiesn

An early visit to the Wiesn
An evening at a new Munich Bier Garten

Everyone join in... "Im leeeeeeeaving, on a jet plane..."

Ok, let the comments begin. Remember a few things... 1) there currently is no Kloster Andechs trip (this is highly unusual), 2)plans are guidelines subject to change, and 3) anyone can do anything at anytime with anyone else. Pheww!

Less than 2 weeks away!

Oh my gosh.....

I am currently on a frikin' tear to get everything wrapped up at work to make sure I can freely enjoy the trip. But, I think we need to take some time, before we leave, to read some heavenly guidance, to remember why we are going, and to visualize the spirit of our quest.

It is at times like these, where spiritual writings are helpful, so I direct you to a transcript of an early sign that this trip goes beyond your common vacation...

Please, others, share your divine inspirations...
Since Barleyman has informed me that we were unable to get reservations in any of the tents, what days are planning to attend the actual Oktoberfest festivities? I see Thursday on the brochure, which sounds like a good idea since it's not the weekend. Are we going to try a weekend evening? I'm sure it will be incredibly crowded. What is actual last day of Oktoberfest?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Passengers shouldn't be hurt

Experts: Delta, Northwest bankruptcies to have little near term impact on flights, fares.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The employees, creditors and investors at Delta and Northwest airlines are all likely to take hits in those carriers' bankruptcy filings, but few passengers will see their travel plans, or airfares, affected by the court action.

Let's all hope that htis is not some misguided article by inattentive journalists. It would be just like those lefties to screw up Einfahrt and Chugger in their quest for bier.... ;-)

Info For Newbees

In trying to gain significant knowledge, I have spent considerable time reading the newsworthy posts and taking notes. It seems that I have found numerous errors and omissions.
First - Jack and Speedy_Civic - Who the h--- are you and how about a last name. Are you related to any of the boozers who have been publishing the past few weeks? Must I be nice to you? Have you been to the hallowed ground before?

Second - Oh Great PooBah the Duke or Knight or King of SanDiego, am I to understand Bonnie and I are to see your smiling face and beautiful wife upon our arrival? Are you the "Blond Haired / Blue Eyed Arien the great mustached man was trying to creat? Are YOU the appointed one is will tell us "Where To Go" or lead us to the promised land and "Fountain of Bier"?

Third - What is the favorite attire besides a rain coat and goulashes(sp)(( I remember VERY early being corrected for my spelling by the great "gramarin" "shit" I I can't spell that either)) in the beer tents?

Fourth - Who are Sam and Jim? Not one time have I seen a post. Are they such consumers of the great potion we call bier that they are unable to sit up and be obnoxious by posting?

Fifth - Just what is the agenda? Unless ti is etched in stone "me esposa" will want to go shopping! I HATE SHOPPING!

Sixth - Where are the beer joints. Unless I can find them I will be doomed to drinking my favorite brews: Old Milwakai, Shaeffer, Rolling Rock, MGD, Carling Black Label, and my all time favorite Old Frothing Slosh!

Now, if I have gained you attention, we really do need help. Bonnie will only be home for three days over the course of the next 14 days. Any info regarding attire, do we need train tickets, how we get to the hotel, would be appreciated. Otherwise I have the feeling we could spend five days in Munich and never have the privilege of seeing you. Plus I have Euro's MANY MANY EURO'S since we spent the last two week in ST. Bart's and I got them on the black market. One for One.

Let the blistering begin. You told me I had to post.

Is This The Aftermath ?

German Election Update #1

A recent summary, done by an apparently decent blogger who is Dutch-American. The links to posts on Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh also struck a note with me.

German brews world's strongest beer

Fri Sep 9, 2:13 PM ET (Reuters)
A German brewer has concocted what he says is the world's strongest beer, a potent drink with an alcohol content of 25.4 percent that is served in a shot glass.

"Everyone who has tried it is enthusiastic. It tastes like a quirky mixture of beer and sherry," said Bavarian brewer Harald Schneider.

Schneider, who lives in southern Germany where beer is a tradition, said his beer fermented for 12 weeks for an alcohol content twice that of Germany's other strongest beers.

"People will only be able to drink two or three glasses, otherwise they'll drop like flies," he said.
Schneider expects the holders of the world's strongest beer, the Boston Beer Company, to put up a fight.

"I'm pretty sure the Americans have something up their sleeve."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Currency Conversion Woes

Listen Children and you shall hear, a story of the traveller, a bill and the various mean people who want a slice of that transaction. OK, OK. It's not a fairy tale. It's worse.

We'll soon be spending money: in Europe; Germany; an EU country; with Euro currency. For those of us starting out with accounts in USD (that's U.S. dollars,) we have a slight problem.

They won't take our checks, or our dollars, at the average restaurant, bar, or low-end (non-tourist) shop. Those that will - stay away from them, and do not offer to write a check, or pay in dollars.

The correct thing to do is to pay with cash or with your credit/debit card.

To get cash, you have multiple choices. Some are good, others less so. Getting cash (Euros) can be done before you go by going to your bank. Probably not by going to your bank branch, but to the main office of the bank. Call ahead to figure out what office you need to go to to get foreign currency. You can also get cash when you get there. You can go to an ATM, or you can go to a currency exchange. In Germany, Geldomat is ATM, Cambio is a currency exchange office. There are two parts of the transaction to which you need to pay attention. The first is the "fee" and the second is the "rate" of the conversion. Additionally, if you plan to use your ATM card in Germany, you may wish to verify that it is activated for international use. To do this you must call your issuer (bank) and authorize the card. It also must have a four digit PIN code, as the ATMs in Europe only accept 4-digit PINs for international transactions.

OK, assuming you have an internationally activated ATM card (Visa, whatever.) Which way is the better way (meaning cheapest) to get cash, or spend money? You intrepid financial reporter has done some (limited, anecdotal) research. Today's conversion rate is $1.226 for 1 Euro according to the Wall Street Journal currencies tables. This is as close to the 'real' conversion rate as you are going to find unless you are a currency trader and have access to governmental currency markets. First WARNING: this rate is the real rate, but not necessarily the rate that your bank, your credit card provider, the tourist store, or certainly the currency exhange CAMBIO is going to charge. I called my local bank (Fifth/Third,) got transferred to the main office, then transferred again to the international desk where I got some answers. My bank charges, today, $1.32 for one Euro. They say they charge no fees. Did anyone catch that? They say no fees, then quote a conversion rate that is almost 10% higher than the current rate of exchange. (The difference between the market rate of 1.22 to their rate of 1.32 = .10 or 9%) This is not a good deal! Your intrepid reporter then called his credit card issuer to find out about ATM transactions and purchases using the card. I have a Visa, but it is my 'bank' (Merrill Lynch) that I checked with. The deal: they charge 2% of all transactions (ATM and purchases) for the currency conversion. I asked about the rate - they said market rate. To verify, I asked what was their conversion rate for today. They said $1.226 to 1 Euro. That matches the published market rate for today. Verdict: Get a few Euro's, if you need them, before you go, but do most of your currency conversion over there, through ATMs and use your credit card for purchases. Remember, verify your card is authorized for international ATM and other transactions, and Oh, yeah: have an available balance on the card. Your financial reporter hoping that this advice does not leave you feeling like the Brothers Grimm.

BUGA '05

Checking out the calendar of events in Munich for the period we are there reveals . . .well Oktoberfest, and BUGA '05. I'm sure that we will want to visit BUGA (straight face, must hold.) It is a garden exhibit and festival lasting from April through the first week of October. It includes exhibits, music, walks, films, and well . . . gardens.

I'm very interested in gardens. The ones with tables, dirndls, und bier. Let me know how the BUGA was if you go.

Monday, September 12, 2005

A Safe Oktoberfest for Boys and Men

"a joint program by AMYNA, IMMA and the Men's Emergency/Crisis Center Munich in cooperation with the Hansel + Gretel Foundation"

Against sexual violence - More safety for men and boys
With about seven million visitors the Oktoberfest in Munich is the world's largest fun-fair. The visitors are international and its popularity is extremely high. Tradition, food, drink and fun are the primary focus of the Oktoberfest.

The dark side of the Oktoberfest is that boys and men are raped. In 2001 alone, 13.093 sexual assaults and rapes were reported. The estimated number of unknown cases accepted among experts is 10 to 20 times higher.
Sexual violence at the Oktoberfest is ignored or played down by the majority of society. Often, the responsibility for rape is placed on the boys and women. The Hans + Gretel Foundation gives a clear signal so that men and boys can enjoy themselves and feel safe at the Oktoberfest.

They don't want to ruin your fun at the Oktoberfest. On the contrary! They think that men and boys should be able to decide for themselves what is fun at the Oktoberfest. No one has to tolerate assaults and harassment from strangers or acquaintances. - not on the Oktoberfest nor anywhere else.

Here are some tips so that no one can ruin your visit to the Oktoberfest:

- Go to the Oktoberfest with friends and agree on a way home together.
- Never go to the bathroom alone, even if it's a hassle.
- Don't let women and girls whom you've just met accompany you home.
- Even if someone buys you something, does not obligate you to return any sort of service.
- If you drink alcohol, make sure it's only an amount with which you still are in control.
- Don't leave your drink unattended (Someone could put drugs in it to make you lose your consciousness)
- Make it clear when it's not fun anymore for you. A "Stop!" or "Enough!" makes it clear where your limits are.
- Sometimes a comfortable funny situation only develops into an assault after a while. Here a "Stop!" is

- Often no one really responds to "Help!" or "Help me!". If you feel harassed or scared, address specific people
directly and ask for help: "You with the Dirndle….!"

The Last Dirndl Post (Hopefully ! !)

Since Paulaner Girl was considering a Dirndl, but claims "many of these are in the $300 price range....seems a little much to pay for an outfit to drink in", should we start a Hurricane Katrina Dirndl fund to help off-set the cost of rebuilding Paulaner Girl's drinking wardrobe?

Schroeder vs. Merkel

Our host country is going through an election next week. I suspect some amount of discussion, and certainly government-forming will still be occuring when we are there. Politics in Germany, and Europe, are significantly different from the issues we discuss/debate/debase here. There is also some inversion of words - words that are "loaded" here to mean one thing, mean something entirely different there. The word 'liberal' for example has an emotional load here; but in Germany means something entirely different. To become more 'liberal' means something like to become more like the U.S. and the U.K. The idea is that our markets are more liberal, meaning more open, less regulated, less taxed, than theirs, and that is either to be feared, or desired depending on who you talk to there.

If you want a background on the election, and the various issues being debated, your political reporter offers this somewhat basic series of reports (mostly neutral;) this more comprehensive (in German and conservative); and this decent roundup from Der Spiegel (in English and from the left.)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Beer Call 9/11/05

Beer call:

I am drinking a Widmer Hefeweizen while sitting in my backyard enjoying the sunshine. Yummy... I think I have developed a taste for Wheat.

** for those of you who do not know what a "Beer Call" is, let me explain. A beer call is a broadcast to many people, who then post what their last beer they had was, and some short superlative on its greatness, or lack thereof...

Let the call begin....

Saturday, September 10, 2005

BarleyMan...What Happened???

My Paulaner Girl Fantasy...


In our never ending quest for beer, I recently ventured to the world famous San Diego Zoo. My mid-day meal consisted of a Lobster Quesadilla, and a large ZooBrew. Yummy.

Good to see you can get something more than macro brew at the Zoo.


Due to numerous posts about and by Paulaner Girl's dress and antics, I have gone out and bought her appropriate wear. Afterall, this is a coed group, and we need to maintain order and decorum. I hope you guys like it!

Paulaner Girl, young attractive beautiful woman.

My dear Paulaner Girl, you beautiful young woman, why is your choise so old fashioned. As a modern atractive woman, you should wear mini. Have a look and make your choise. I vote for the white.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Hi fellow Oktoberfestians,
While I realize this is trivial compared to earlier posts, I am considering buying a dirndl. What do you think? Is anyone else brave enough to join me? And, what kind of shoes do I wear? This is one I am considering on ebay

Einfahrt has sent his evil minions to Kill BarleyMan

San Diego (September 8, 2005), Einfahrt, in a rage over political postings on Internet Blogsite, unleashes the wrath of his evil empire on hapless BarleyMan. Needless to say, BarleyMan's trusty canine companion, saves the day and captures the vile creature pictured in this article.

Under intense, Guantanamo style interrogation, the above mentioned scorpion squealed, revealing this insidious plot.

The popular News program, Hannity and Combes, tries to deflect a conservative bend on this story by interviewing renown beer drinker, Chugger, who stated that the real reason this attack was launched was due to the fact that Einfahrt wanted more beer at Oktoberfest.

We will keep you updated on the story..

Einfahrt Has Claimed His Mug

Sensationalism, Inaccuracy or Down Right Misleading?

I had CNN on this morning before leaving for the office (I know, a discussion for another time), and was really confused by good old Soledad O'Brien's reporting. She was standing in front of the aquarium in New Orleans, talking about the arrival of National Guard troops from Oregon. I wasn't really watching, though, just listening. I heard her talking about how "no one would have ever expected to see National Guard troops patrolling an American city in tanks". So of course I was interested and turned my attention to the TV. Did I see troops in tanks? No. Did I see tanks without troops? No. Did I see tanks at all? No.

What I did see were standard (and probably armored) personnel carriers. Of course they are armored, would the military have anything else? Anyway, back to the title of this post....

Was saying that National Guard troops were patrolling the city in tanks :

a) CNN Media Sensationalism?
b) Simply inaccurate because Soledad doesn't know a tank from a bier keg? (or since she was by the aquarium, a fish tank)
c) Purposely misleading?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thanks Barbus

Thanks for the support, barbus. Hope you don't need these pumps, while we use them for 3 weeks or so... Please pass on the message that we appreciate the support.

The Netherlands to send water pumps to disaster area
7 Sept 2005 The US government has announced that it will take up the Dutch government’s offer to send water pumps to the area affected by hurricane Katrina. A US air force plane will arrive at Eindhoven airbase on Wednesday evening to pick up the three pumps. Five experts from the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management will also be going to the disaster area to help operate the pumps. The US has already accepted the Netherlands’ offer to send the frigate Hr. Ms. Van Amstel to help with the aid effort.

They Are Preparring for Our Onslaught

In Approximately 21 Days....

Many of us will have had our first few biers, and maybe even a pretzel or two. Of course we will have savored some bratwurst and sauerkraut as well. It is probably also decision time, do we stay where we are (wherever that is), or do we go somewhere else (whatever that would be).

The only real point is Time is Approaching.

Political Discussions and Beer

Various political views are held by various members of the travelling team. We're going to be sitting around drinking beer. It is possible that political discussions could come up. I'm told, but deny it, that some of us are strong in our opinions and speak forcefully, and perhaps unfairly on the issues.

The good news: first, the wives are with us. In general, they think us opining, on anything, just makes us look like fools (with justification.) They'll have some tendency to shut us down. Secondly, we're all friends and have respect (mostly) for each others' views. Thirdly, it will get boring pretty quick.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Penalty of Brew To Be Issued

Since Wednesday was the assigned day for a posting from Grumpy, and he did not post, I make a motion to penalize him. I'm sure the claim will be extenuating circumstances, but isn't that what the guilty always say?

Who seconds the motion?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


John Lennon, Strawberry Fields, The Dakota -- a part of the tour of NYC we took this past weekend.

We saw the Jersey shore, did some light housework, then took the high-speed ferry into 34th Street. Visiting the NBC sidewalk studio for the morning show, then up Fifth Ave to Central Park, through Central Park to the Met, in to see a Mattisse exhibit and to the roof for a view of the city. Over to the Carnegie deli for lunch, Greenwich Village for coffee, Ground Zero just because, and then to South Street for a beer (or two.)

A test travel, a day trip, beer involved, OK. We're ready.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Dress Code 2

Gentlemen, can you imagine ?
long beautiful legs; mysterious blouses;
Do we still want the ladies join us?

Dress Code 1

Ladies, can you imagine?
hairy white legs; mysterious trousers;
Are you still willing to join us?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Countdown to Destiny

Only 24 more days until we take off. Ahhh.

I started my intense training this week, and will probably start focusing on arm curls for the next few weeks to strengthen my arms and wrists. I am also working on my intestinal fortitude to ensure I can consume the haxen, hendle, and wurst non-stop for 6 days.

I have developed this training regimen based on my experiences of going to Oktoberfest over the years, but would like to hear other programs the oktoberfesters have developed over the years...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Eating, Drinking, Singing

Not only to satisfy Einfahrt's requirements (Bayern Gourmets) and Chugger's sole desire (Beer), but also to have us all singing at the Wiess'n, we have the opportunity to make a reservation in one of the tents at the Wiess'n. Although not one of the crowded Biertents, this one serves Beer, Haxen and live Music. It looks like they still have free seats for Monday Oct.3rd. Let me know and I'll try to make the bookings (16 persons ?)

Friday, September 02, 2005

New Posting Guidelines

As we approach D-Day (Drinking Day), we need to keep this forum active; even it means mindless babble. So, to that end, I am assigning posting responsibilities. From this day forward, it is required that the following Oktoberfestians initiate a post on the given day. If you do not, there will be penalties of brew incurred once we meet in the promised land.


Friday's Posting.... Chugger (Consider this my requisite post)
Saturday's Posting.. BarleyMan
Sunday's Posting.... A Day of Rest. Either no post required or anyone can post.
Monday's Posting.... barbus
Tuesday's Posting... Einfahrt
Wednesday's Posting. Grumpy
Thursday's Posting.. Everyone ! ! !

Get with it and go for it.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's September ! !

It is a busy day at work today, not much time to play. However, we have reached a milestone.....

It is September, which means we leave for Munich this month, we arrive this month, and most importantly, we get to sample our first brew this month.