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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recommendation for a day trip

We gotta go!

Salt Mine Berchtesgaden

Dressed in miner's clothing, the visitor enjoys rides on a train, a funicular, a raft and down slides through the Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden.
In former times only privileged dignitaries were allowed to visit Berchtesgaden's salt mines, in operation since 1517. Today, this fascinating underground world can be visited by all thanks to continuous guided tours. Dressed in miner's clothing, the visitor enjoys rides on a train, a funicular, a raft and down slides! They also learn about mining history and techniques thanks to a new film featuring our mascot "Pauli" and numerous exhibits with a recorded commentary.
New: mystical "light and sound" show & "rock-blasting" on the way out
Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience more than just another tourist attraction: mining and exporting the "white gold" was the focal point of regional economy, technological progress and international politics.

Detroit contingent is on board

3 Newbie Oktoberfesters (my nephews) have given the signal that they are on board for the trip:  Chris Schad, Kevin Schad, and a friend.  I also understand that maybe my niece, Jeni and Rachel may join us as well.  Whoa Nellie!  I will get more details...  but this year is going to be great!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Tent Reservation Rules

I don't know what the current rules are, but they are changing, and from what I see, they are actually reduing the number of reserved tables.  This should mean it would be somewhat easier to find a table.

Here's the new rules; again, I don't know the old rules:

There have been some changes to the availability of reservations at the Oktoberfest that will become effective in 2013, reducing the number of tables that can be reserved prior to visiting the tents:
    On weekdays, one quarter of the tables cannot be reserved; 
    on Saturday, Sunday and 3rd October (German national holiday) half of the tables cannot be reserved through 3 pm, after 3 pm on Saturday, Sunday and 3rd October 35 percent of the tables cannot be reserved

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let the games begin!

Friends of Oktoberfest...  the Oktoberfest resource site has been updated!  Not improved,  but updated. ;-) Let the countdown begin!

Oktoberfest Resource Page

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Things have progressed quickly...

Since my last post, we now have 3 double rooms reserved at the Hotel Alfa.  So lodging is good to go.

Also, thanks to our friend Anton at the Hotel Alfa, we also will have tent reservations for two evenings ! !  We have never had evening reservations and this will be a great way to celebrate our 20 Years of Oktoberfesting.  One evening will be in the Hofbrau Tent and the second evening in Spaten.

Prost !

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things are progressing....

Not only is planning in full swing for Oktoberfest, some tactical items are coming together as well.  I should be making hotel reservations in the next day or two, we have some great looking tent opportunities offered to us, and a past veteran may be about ready to commit to the trip.

While we have had tent reservations in the past, they were usually afternoon reservations when the crowd is more quiet.  The offers I have now are for evenings in fun tents like Hofbrauhaus and Spaten. 

Shaping up to be a wonderful Anniversary Trip.

Prost !

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year Oktoberfestians !

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  Now that the new year is here, planning for this year's trip will begin to heat up.  There is already one change to our attendee list for the trip.  My son will not be joining us. 

Since we need to make commitments early in the year, especially for airline tickets, he cannot guarantee he can get the days off this far in advance.  An understandable yet disappointing fact of life. 

Let me be the first to offer everyone the first Prost! of the year.