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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hooters Worship Center opens in RB!


A recent occurrence has happened and I thought I would share. It is wise to learn in one's old age, and even better when one gets to enjoy the fruit of the barley close to home.

A garish restaurant opened near the Grand Puhba's monastery in Rancho Bernardo. It is called Hooters. While we have read of these places in far away lands like Miami Township and Atlanta, never would we expect one to interfere with the Zen of this holy land.

Behold, it is not a place of evil, but a place where good brews can be found, delivered by Angels with tight round glassware. The orange and white acolytes flutter to your table bearing a decent blend of micro-brew and chicken wings. recently I partook of the offerings of the good brothers at Pyramid Brewing. It was a tall cold hefeweisen. Rejoice! Behold!
Grand Puhba
PS I have been disappointed in the prayers offered on the blog. Surely the students can share their experiences so we may all grow as a group. Who among you will rise to the top and be proclaimed The Next One?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Beer Drink for St. Patricks Day

NOTE: This post suggests a perversion of the Germany Beer Purity Law. This law has been waived due the holiday.

Last night I enjoyed a new treat, an Irish Car Bomb.

Fill a pint glass 1/2 way with Guiness Stout
Fill a shot glass with half Baileys Irsh Cream, and half with Irish Whiskey

Drop shot glass in beer and chug beer.

A great way to start the morning. ;-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Off to Bean Town


My pursuit of knowledge continues. I enlisted a potential Oktoberfester to help me review the beers in Boston. Of course, he lives there, and knew where to go. we ended up at an establishment with a lot of beers. At least 100 on tap. ;-)

Here is a shot of my nephew Kevin and I tipping a nice deep dark Porter in Boston. Yum....
Grand Puhba
PS. I am disappointed in the lack of visible progress you students have made. Time is growing short. Share your learning! Rejoice!

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Big Thank You to the Grand Puhba as he is...

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of brew… the thrill of the drink… and the agony of the drunk… the human drama of athletic consumption… this is ABC's Wide World of Brew!

The Training Continues


This week I have taken training in the land of the rising sun. I have sought the barley... yet found none. Here in this strange land they use rice to make their beer. How odd, yet refreshing. Not a Bud... no this is a different taste. Good with cold dead fish...

They prefer the grain alternative that goes by such strange names as Suntory, and Johnnie Walker. Yet beer (they pronounce Beer-O) is prevalent and plentiful here.

Here in the Narita Beerhall I am enjoying Asahi Super "Dry". The Beer For All Seasons.

Rejoice in diversity and exuberance to all that is BEER!

Grand Puhba