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Friday, June 04, 2010

Another Reason we should have gone this year!

First the 200 Year Anniversary, now the Euro is below $1.20. That means a Mass of beer is about 10 bucks! Wow. Even though they raised prices this year.

Euro Falls to Below $1.20

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This Year - Biggest Oktoberfest ever!

Almost wish we were going, especially with the horse races.  However, can you even imagine what this year's crowds will be like?  Yuck !

City officials announced, that this year's Oktoberfest will not go from September 18th to October 3rd, as originally planned, but will be extended on both ends!

September 17th, a historic reconstruction of the festival in former centuries will be opened, featuring an old Oktoberfest-tent and an exhibition of domestic and working animals of those times. One of the many highlights will be the horse-races, which are planned to be held twice a day, to remember the origins of the Oktoberfest – a horse race to celebrate a royal wedding in Munich.
The official tapping of the first beer barrel will be celebrated on Saturday 18th at noon, as planned. To celebrate the 200th anniversary, the Oktoberfest does however not end on Sunday, October 3rd, as planned, but will be extended until Monday, October 4th. This extra day will be special in many ways, for example the beer tents don’t hand out reservations for most of their seats, so that it will be easier to get a place at a table for locals and guests, who didn’t announce their presence beforehand.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Illinois with an S!

Keith I noticed you were in Lincoln Illinois. Did you have a horseshoe for lunch? See you, lets play golf one of these days