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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Allow me to reminisce....

As we approach departure in 24 days, it reminds me of my first trip to Oktoberfest in 1987. I don't remember the exact dates, but it was memorable nonetheless.

I was visiting Augsburg on a business trip with NCR and we were all sitting at the bar in the hotel at around 19:00. One of my colleagues (we'll call him Tom to protect his innocence) and I commented about Oktoberfest and that we had never been there. One thing led to another and we were looking at train schedules to get to Munich. We determined that if we hurried, be could be in Munich by 20:30 if we caught the next train. There was a 01:00 train we could then catch to get back. So..... off we ran to the bahnhof.

Arrived at the Hauptbahnhof as scheduled and quickly grabbed a taxi to the Wies'n, not knowing anything about anything. Found our first tent (I think it was Augustiner), and were easily able to get a seat and start our sampling of the golden nectar. It was obviously during the week, and 29 years ago. So we were singing, drinking and having a great time, only to be surprised when the lights came on at about 22:00. Huh? Isn't this Oktoberfest? No one told us they actually close the place early. So we quickly decided that the Hofbrauhaus would be a great place since we still had about three hours until our train. Hey, taxi !

Arrived at the Hofbrauhaus and ordered a bier, only to find out they close at 23:00. I thought this was Germany, the land of free flowing bier. What to do now? Tom and I stumbled outside and around the corner to find an establishment that was indeed open, and would remain, and I think I quote the bar tender, "until everyone leaves". Maß after Maß were consumed, and Tom became the local deckel champion (that's another story). Uh oh, all of a sudden it was 01:30 and we missed our train. Not to worry, if we finish our Maß and hurry, we can make the 02:30 train. Nope. Now the next train is not until 06:00. Oh well. Zwei Maß bitte !

So we did get our train at 06:00, and were feeling pretty proud of ourselves. Tried to snooze on the way to Augsburg, but not very successful and only a 30 minute ride. We figured we get to the hotel, get some sleep, and then see what was scheduled for the day. No such luck. As we were entering the hotel, some other colleagues were coming down for breakfast. Being the inquisitive travelers we are, we asked why they were up so early. The answer, "we're having breakfast and then meeting everyone at 08:00 to catch a train". To Munich !

Uh oh. So we run to our rooms, take showers and head back down for breakfast. Off to Munich we went for some sightseeing, and then, you guessed it, Wies'n here we come. There is evidence of that first visit which has been posted before, but here we go again:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oops, Shakespeare Cam

Circa 2013...

Getting close to time! Have fun, you guys.

While I typically don't like articles about O'Fest,  this one gets it mostly right..

6 Pack of Tips for Oktoberfest

Friday, August 12, 2016

Ok, Today's the Day !!!

The next phase of immersion begins with the Dayton German Club Festival. Probably just a short visit tonight for dinner and drinks, and then maybe a return engagement tomorrow.

Bier, brats, sauerkraut, oompah bands and just good old fun. What more could you ask for?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2011 Memory

In 40 days I touch down in Munich for 8 days of Bier drink.

My last trip to Oktoberfest was in 2011. On the T-minus 40 day mark, I broke my hip requiring surgery so I abruptly had to back out. I had surgery and was miserable knowing my friends and family were going. At about the T-mius 15 day mark I decided to go while on crutches against my doctors advice. The trip was still amazing even though I was in pain. I logged so many miles while walking on my crutches. I walked laps around the English Garden, climbed Eagle Nest, and navagatig around the crowded bier tents. The trip awesome.

So here we are again at the 40 mark, lets not break anything.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Thursday, August 04, 2016


We have been by this place, but never went there. I think this trip deserves a visit; only a 10 minute walk.