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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mobile Blogging at Its Best ! !

Sitting in Dayton at the local Thirsty Dog, consuming a brew, and testing out their wireless. This wireless blogging test is important for future trips. How can we adequately maintain this blog without remote access? Something to ponder.

By the way, in searching the archives, discovered why our esteemed founding member has chosen his screen name. See below......

Klos_John_Onebigfart.JPG (52868 bytes)

The sign says it all

Sunday, April 24, 2005

New BDG2M Coming Soon

I just noticed Amazon has a photo of the 5th edition cover on the web site. Unfortunately the preview points back to the fourth edition!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Off to School This Weekend

Well, it is approximately 2:35PM eastern time, and I'm about to wrap things up and head to Bowling Green for my final weekend of classes this semester. As a matter of fact, this is technically the final weekend of classes for my MBA program. Yee Ha ! ! ! ! In May it's off to Europe for 2 weeks (with a training visit to the Hofbrauhaus included), and then just a review weekend in June.

I plan two very important tasks this weekend.... 1) not take class too seriously and 2) make plans for the Europe trip. The second item is also part of the first. Part of this planning is to try and arrange a special visit with Barbus in Frankfurt. Hopefully we can make arrangements for him to address our group, then educate us on the finer things associated with beer drinking in Germany. Not that we need any real help there, but you never know.

Friday, April 15, 2005

In Case You Forgot...Bob Enjoys His Rauchbier

American Way Magazine

I just got off a flight to San Jose, and had a great time reading American way magazine. There were two articles of note for the Oktoberfester's. Or is it -festians? I like fester. Such a pleasant word.

First, a $20,000 suitcase invented by none other than Henk himself! Check it out. I will be interested in seeing one in Munich when henk and Gemma arrive. ;-)

Second, a good beer article on Bamberg. We may have to have a return visit.

Funny, I don't remember the look of pleasure on Roalef's face when he sipped his first rauschbier!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Our Thoughts and Prayers for Pappa Lynch

One of our own, and a beloved alum of the 1997 trip, Jeremiah Lynch (aka Pappa Lynch) passed away last week after a long but closely held illness. He will certainly be missed by those of us that only briefly knew him, and we can only imagine the sorrow of his immediate family, including his son John, daughter Jane, and John's wife Candy, daughter Michele, and son "Little John".

My memories of Pappa Lynch are his leadership in the love of beer. One of the first encounters we had was during our (myself, BarleyMan, Einfahrt) initial attempt at home brewing from scratch; actually grinding the grain and all that entails. Pappa Lynch arrived with samples in hand, and proceeded to show us not only how to do it, but also brought a recipe for his version of the Ipswitch Pale Ale. I still have the gallon jug.

The best we can do to remember him is to raise a Maß high above our heads and sing "Alice, Alice, Who the Fuck is Alice"

To Herr Pappa Lynch.... Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, der Gemütlichkeit !

Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door... why not "The Gang Visits the Beer Gardens"?

If Rick Steves can do a booming business offering guided trips to Europe, why can't we do the same thing for beer halls and biergardens? Well, once again, someone has taken our idea and capitalized on it... Beer Trips

I wonder if they are actually making money? Are they at least paying their expenses for personal drinking? Do they need subject matter experts for their tours?

Should we propose to Mr. Hawthorne a partnership that expands his book empire into travel services? If we (humm, humm, loud throat clearing sound) can organize group trips like Oktoberfest, we can certainly leverage the BDG2M and organize trips to the various establishments immortalized by Larry.

Should we proceed with a business proposal?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

When Does This Year's Fest Actually End?

The tradition for Oktoberfest is to end on the first Sunday of October. However, the published dates for this year are September 17 - October 3. In case you are calendarickly challenged, October 3 is a Monday.

So, is the Wies'n open on Monday, or does it close on Sunday? Does the Wiesn' close on Sunday, but Oktoberfest the festival continues? I am so confused, guess I need a beer.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Where o where should we go?

A few of us are arriving early (i.e. on Thursday) and we need to figure out where this entreped band of men and woman want to go/do.

I am of the opinion that we set out , with the BDGTM as our guide, and visit some of the more eclectic beer halls. Since we will all be meeting up the next day at HBH, this would a good time to go out on a limb and try some new places and venues. I hear the beer is still cold and served in large mugs.

Chugger got a nice email from LH and if spells out some new places we could try....

"We've got Braustuberl Tegernsee, Bruckenwirt, and Menterschwaige on board this time, with free-beer coupons. Wa-Wi, Sankt Emmerams Muhle, Seehaus are also on the freebie list. More beer gardens than ever before. Hope you guys get a chance to try out a couple of great new beerhalls, Augustiner Braustuben and Paulaner Brauhaus"

I, for one, am buying a copy of the book as soon as it becomes availble, if only for the free beer coupons. Eternal guidance is a nice bonus. ;-)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Two "Trial Runs" Before Munich

As if I need to practice, but I will have two opportunities within the next 6 weeks to hone my Hofbrauhaus skills. During the first week of May, the 1st through the 6th, I will be in Las Vegas along with Barleyman for an industry trade show. For those of you who are not aware, there is a Hofbrauhaus "franchise" in Vegas. This place is built to the same scale and decorations as the original in Munich, and serves the same beer and food. I was actually able to attend the official grand opening of this fine facility last January, and even got my meal and beer paid for by the management. I just showed them my Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich Field Researcher's membership card, told them I was doing official research for the next book, and voila, free stuff ! ! !! Thanks to Larry for such a wonderful idea.

A few weeks later, on May 22nd through the 25th, I will be in Munich. The great experience this time is that my hotel is directly across the street from the Hofbrauhaus... I wonder if they are open for breakfast ! ! ! Hopefully between these two training sessions, I will be back in shape for the grand excursion this fall.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Today's Post.... Welcome to a New Member

Everyone, let's welcome the Designated Walker as a new member to our family. As a veteran of our first trip in 1993, the Designated Walker will be joining us again this year. Yee Ha ! !

Her assumed role in the past, and hence her moniker, was to escort the troops back to the hotel after our daily consumption of the local brews. We needed someone who knew where the hell to go ! !

This year, after all the stress and other pressures, hopefully at least one day she will need escorted back.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The First Post in Over a Week

Yikes, it is hard to believe that something as important as this blog can go a full seven days without a new topic. With that being the case, here's my contribution. As the originator, and self proclaimed "Grand Poohba Blogger" of the blogosphere, I will diligently try to post something every day. Should I fail, I fully expect contribution from the masses.

Revisiting Day Trips.. I've been asked by one of this year's newbies if there will be a "brochure" describing the day trips. I said, but of course, we do it every time. Frickin' problem is I lied. Guess I now need to author a brochure to detail the options available.

Revisiting Day Trips Part Deux.. With a contingent the size of this year's, day trips and nightly Wiesn visits will certainly be a challenge. As it relates to the day trips, options will be provided (see previous paragraph), do what you believe to be appropriate. Attend if you want, do not attend if you have something better to do. Go on your own if you desire. The only rule will be.... we'll decide that later.

Waiting to hear of Barbus' conquest for a reserved table.....

Response for Sensei Larry.... I have been honored with an email exchange with Larry, God of Beer Drinking Books. He responded with my request to update my email address, and claims the new edition of TBDGTM will be available at the end of the month (we're waiting with baited breadth).

Should we forgo a day trip?... and just drink all day long at the Wiesn? We've never done that before, and it would assure us of an evening table if we got there when they opened. Just a thought.

The $64,000 question... Will this be our last trip to Oktoberfest? We have said that many times, and mostly in jest. But as some of us get older (you know who you are), will you really want to go on another 5-day drinking binge when you could be relaxing in your wheel chair, sipping Metmusal, dreaming of pictures of scantily clad octogenarians, and wondering if the German Pissorts are better than your custom fitted Depends? Just remember, with the Depends, you do not need to get up to relieve yourself.

and now you know my thoughts of the day.