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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guten Tag!

Is everyone still on board? Joyce and I are looking at train options for Thursday and getting aisle seats for her leg.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 Reasons I go to Oktoberfest

10. The food. OK, not my fav, but in Munich it is fresh and wonderful.... hendl, Haxen, Brats, etc. All wonderful Oh yea, the radishes are good too.

9. The Hotel Alfa, a now familiar and comfortable hostel. Yet so perverse in its own way... need I say more.

8. The beer is that good. Yes, the beer is wonderful. It is fresh and clean, and even when drunken in mass quantities, it has a certain joie de vie about it.

7. The adventure. We base our trip on experience and dreams. Nothing better than landing "in country" and setting off to get checked in, find our friends, and have a cool beer. we travel so far, it makes it worth it!

6. The tents. where else can you party with your choice of 100,000 people to party with at any given time. The precision they are run with is incredible.

5. The music. John Denver? Yes.. who the F*** is Alice? yes, but also many bavarian and european hits. Wunderbar!

4. Bavaria. It is Heidi on steroids. The cleanest state in the world . Bar None. No rust on the cars, dirt on the walls, or fece smears in the toilets (although sometimes a chicken carcass or two).

3. The day trips. Bavaria has so many great spots to visit. It is like being able to go to Moraine and still have a good time. Just the process of getting on the train and getting off in some town is still exciting to me.

2. The people in the tents. You see all kinds in the tent. from the 80 somethings who probably shot at my father in WWII, to the spike haired students, to the young aussie girls so eager to...... anyway, they all seem to get along and enjoy the party.

1. Seeing my friends again. I have now been gone from Dayton for 10 years! I miss my good buddies, and when we meet up, it seems like no time has past. They are the best!!!!