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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Day Trips Discussion

I originally posted this on the Web Site , but thought this might be a better forum for comments. So, here goes...

My original posting included the following, with some comments changed based upon feedback already received. Please add your comments, and I will update the original should your comment make sense :-)


Today is the day the first pilgrims arrive. While our first excursion is usually to the Hofbrauhaus, the suggested plan is to wait until Friday when Henk, Gemma, Candy and Debbie arrive. So, with that said, the proposal for Thursday is to fairly quickly head on over to the Wiesn. We will have a smaller crowd (Keith, John, Dave, Joyce, Jack, Speedy_Civic, Jane, Jim and Sam) and commandeering a table in the early afternoon should be straight forward. So, the theme for Thursday is bier, music, and lots of it. Should we need food, we can consume solid nourishment at a tent. This plan has many advantages.....

  1. It gets us drinking quickly.

  2. It allows us to drink for an extended time.

  3. Food is available for the faint of heart.

  4. A great jet lag cure.

  5. No one will know if you crash early. Blame it on drinking.


An early morning trek to Englischer Gardens is recommended. The benefit of this trip is the "Buy One Get One Free" special at Seehaus. Once the next contingent arrives, we can head on over to the Hofbrauhaus for our traditional welcoming celebration. While this is typically intended to be a quick few biers before heading the Wiesn, it rarely works that way. We tend to spend a significant amount of time reviewing the plans for the weekend, welcoming new guests, hugging and kissing the Frauleins, and general all around good fun. After drinks (and/or food) at the Hofbrauhaus, options exist....

  1. Head on over to the Wiesn. We do have new arrivals, and one of them has never been to the 'fest before.

  2. Head to the hotel and crash. This is only an option if it is late and you can no longer stand on your own.

  3. Explore a new establishment from "The Book according to Larry". Depending on the time, Paulaner Brauhaus might be appropriate.


This wonderful day should be dedicated to exploring new venues. Both within the immediate area, and via train if necessary. A good starting point would once again be "The Book according to Larry"; hereafter referred to as "TBA2L". Some possible suggestions include.....

  1. Braustuberl Tegernsee. About a one hour train ride, a 5-Beer Mug rating, and a member of the "Buy One Get One Free" club, this place comes highly recommended by Larry. Please read about Braustuberl Tegernsee on Page 183 of TBA2L.

  2. Zieglerkeller Braustuberl Dachau. A great place that we have frequented in the past. Depending on timing and other consideration, this could be a late morning early afternoon excursion followed by the visit to Tegernsee.

  3. Augustiner Keller. Always a nice place to end the evening, sitting under the trees and looking for Scots pulling up their kilts.


It's Sunday, and what more can we say than Kloster Andechs.


The last day of Oktoberfest, and Richard and Agnes depart for home. I believe that an early start at the Wiesn is in order, though, to morn the ending of this year's event. Maybe a couple of us diehards can get there at opening time, slam a few, and save a table for everyone else who would love to have lunch there. Maybe an evening trek to "Wali World" would be appropriate. "Wali World" is actually also know as "Wa-Wi", but correctly named Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe.

Jim and Sam are abandoning us this day to travel to Wurzburg to pursue some Dell family history. Wurzburg has also been suggested as a day trip for sampling some German wine.


Up early, and off to the Flughafen for most of us.

No comments necessary.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

My dear Oktoberfest friends,
As we have to confirm the Hotel Excelsior Room Reservations before May 30., please check your mail and confirm this weekend at the latest !
Also know that we have 1x room left (5 nights). So those who not yet have decided to join this elite group of people, you only have till May 30. to make up your mind. And remember you only live once……………….

Friday, May 27, 2005

Field Research Pictures Posted

Check out the results of Chugger's recent visit to the holy land...

Field Research Photos

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Bonnie and I(Ron Hamilton) will be leaving West Palm Beach on the 28th. We will pick up the same Philly flight as John Lynch and party. Currently we will be staying at the Marriott at the airport as Bonnie will be working part of the time and as I am now "on a fixed income", I am planing on using Marriott Points that NCR so nicely provided me as an employee.(500,000PTS)
I realize this may not be the most convient, but hopefully the airport is not so far from the fun that we will be able to attend. If this is not true, please advise and we will do the hotel. We are planing on leaving on the 4th for Sweden and finally returning from Paris around the 12th. We are planing on taking a train to Sweden(thought it would be different). Possibly your European friends could help us with this.

By the way we will be arriving four days after my wife's 50th so show her no mercy.

Chugger Back on Home Turf

Reports are that Chugger has returned to home base after two weeks of research work. Some pictures to follow to document some of his activities.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Achtung - Achtung: Special Report ! ! !

After this morning´s report, I felt I was finished with my reports, but complacency set in. I was beginning to think... hey, I´ve been in the promised land so many times, there is nothing more to experience. So I went back to the room and decided I needed a reading from "The Book According to Larry". After reading a few verses, it was apparent that I did not know everything I needed to know. The following describes the experience that Larry induced, and is dedicated to Paulaner Girl.

The Book describes Paulaner Brauhaus as "a local microbrewery", so I said to myself (self I said), off we go. Two U-Bahn stops from Marian Platz and I was there. How did we miss it after all these years? A great little place, with the beer brewed on-site. Indeed a micro-brewery. It is amazing how fresh a Hefe Weissen is after being drawn directly from the tank. I think I have a picture to prove it. I say "think" because after one litre of Maibock (7.5%) and one litre of Hefe Weissen (6%), I don´t really recall. All I do know is I will gleefully escort anyone back who cares to experience this wonderful place; still using copper kettles.

Well, extraction is still scheduled for "oh my god it´s early tomorrow (7:10A local time). According to Traci, this is the "butt crack of dawn". Actually, with the current time zone, the butt crack of dawn actually occurs around 5:30A local time. I´ll be at the airport by then.

So, looking forward to a rendezvous with Einfart tomorrow at the arrival point.

Just remember, approximately 4 months and 5 days until the cult arrives in the promised land.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Field Report #4

My last day in Munich started off rather well. Still had a nice buzz from the previous night at the Hofbrauhaus. We closed it down and were told to go home. The "Babes in Deustchland" love those litres ! !

Anyway, the day was quickly ruined. I took the U-Bahn over to the Wiesen, and to my surprise, guess what I saw.....

Nothing ! ! ! A complete empty field. How humiliating and disgusting. I was expecting to have a nice litre to quench my thirst, maybe some Hendel and a radish. Knowing I would not need to fight the crowds, I was excited. But NO ! ! ! ! A sight no human being should be subjected to. I took pictures and will post them later, but prepare yourself for the worst. They will not be censored, and young children and women should be protected.

Finally, there were also two hotel viewings this morning. The traditional Hotel Alfa and the Hotel Excelsior.

Well, it´s off for a brat and a bier. Chugger signing off for the final time on this research trip. Additional information and pictures to follow once I am safely deposited back at home base.

Prosit ! !

A spy in our midst???


Agent Barbus has alerted us to some information being posted about Chugger from an Anonymous source.

Due to recent 'anonymous sources' and the problems associated at Newsweek, we are very leery of this information.

However, Chugger himself, in the last communique, stated he actually found a place with no beer in Germany. That's like finding a restaurant in South Carolina without barbeque sauce. Or a strip bar without 1 Euro notes.

Anonymous source, identify yourself!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Field Report #3

After multiple technology challenges, I am now able to file my next report. We spent many nights in the land of the frogs, and even flirted with the Father Land one day and visted for about 5 hours. I am now firmly implanted in the land of beer, and am carrying out my duties with pleasure.

Samplings of the nectar in both Heidelberg and Frankfurt were successful, with research notes to be published. A clandestine meeting with fellow field researcher Barbus lead to an interesting and somewhat unfortunate discovery. Nurishment of the food kind was had at a restaurant in Frankfurt that is the only restaurant in Frankfurt (and possibly Germany) that DOES NOT SERVE BEER ! ! ! ! ! AHHHH! What an uncivilized environment. We did survive though, and secret agent Barbus was able to help with the culture gap.

After a fine outting with Barbus and his better half, it was off to the promised land that we cherish so much. I am electronically penning this report in my hotel room, with a view out my window of the Hofbrauhaus. That's correct, I can stumble a mere 20 meters and be at the next level. We visted last evening, and sampled the liquid they are so famous for. Associate researchers Beth and Melissa (Barbus can attest to these) have been photographed with large glass recepticles filled with a common golden liquid. I have affectionately dubbed them the "Babes in Deustchelend".

Tomorrow will be an excursion to the holy land. I will visit the Wiesen to document its virgin state. Not many have experienced a naked Wiesen, and the photographs will be not for the faint of heart. Wish me luck, it will be an emotional experience.

BTW.... I did file an verbal report with Einfarht as is required by research law. However, it is apparent that Einfarht did not fullfill his duties to pass along the information.

Wish me luck and Gemutlicheit.

Chugger signing off for now.... the beer Police are in pursuit.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Recovery Team in Place

We have launched a search and recovery effort with regards to Chugger. He has not been heard of since Tuesday!

He did not make the last transmission when he connected with Barbus.

Hopefully he is exploring the deep dark crevices of some beer hall. ;-) Worst case was that the dirction were wrong in the Beer Guide and he is in Austria.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Field Report #2

Samplings have been many and varied. Introduced some traveling companions to Belgium Lambic. Silliness was rampant. We then moved on to a Peach Beer. Sounds shitty, but tastes great (less filling). Today's highlight was touring the Heineken Brewery. Actually, the tour wasn't the highlight. The tasting at the end was the highlight. Three pints in less than 20 minutes.

By the way.... the honey beer I mentioned in the last report is called Dorelei. Hummm Humm Good.

Well, off to more research work tonight, then Heidelberg in the morning.

Looking forward to seeing Barbus on Friday.

Chugger signing off for now. So little time, so much research.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Field Report #1

After arriving in Paris 8 hours late, it was off to dinner and Pigalle. But first, the escapade. We were approximately 1 hour past Nova Scotia, and both long range radios failed on the aircraft. We then made a u-turn and headed to Atlanta.... remember, we started from Cincinnati. Got to Atlanta and changed planes, and 1 1/2 hours later we are back in the air.

Pigalle saw us bar/cafe hopping and dodging rain drops. The weather in Paris made it seem more like London. Nonetheless? I was truly impressed with a French Honey Beer. It is from the Alsace wine region and I cannot remember the name. Now that we are in Strasbourg (the Alsace region) I will definitely try to discover this wonderful taste again. We did experience "beer flambè" last night. Take a large marguarita style glass, add 2 shots of some highly flamable liquor, and then pour in some Erdlinger Weiss Bier. The taste is incredible.... and the spectacle is something else as well.

That's today's report for now. Limited access to Internet so reports may be sparse. Also, ignore any misspellings... this damn French keyboard has the letters in the wrong position :-(

Two more days in Strasbourg, then off to Heidelberg and Frankfurt, with the ultimate come Sunday.... Munchen.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Expeditionary Force is Deployed

Now that chugger is deployed in country, we should expect real-time telemetry. I look forward to his reports as they come in. I volunteer to assess the intelligence as it comes in, formulate policy, and redistribute to the field commanders, as they prepare the troops for deployment in September.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Countdown Begins...

It is now 1:40P Eastern Time, and in 5 1/2 hours, my flight leaves for Paris. In approximately 6 days when I arrive in Heidelberg, the German beer drinking begins. After Heidelberg, 3 days in Frankfurt will "get my juices flowing" as the trip climaxes (maybe literally) with 3 days in Munich. The highlight of this Munich trip will be my hotel.... The Hotel Platzl. Claim to fame... right across from the Hofbrauhaus. An easy stumble home.

I intend to take my new BDG2M and investigate the new additions to the book. All in preparation for the ultimate trip come fall.... Oktoberfest 2005.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Larry Deliverith and The Larry Speakith

Well, mucho thanks to Larry, the god of all things beer in Munich. I ordered the new 5th Edition BDG2M on Monday, and look what arrived in my mailbox today.....

The Bible

In addition, Larry was kind enough to personally autograph my copy. Click to enlarge and read the inscription.

The Bible

New sites on 2005 Oktoberfest have a look at this one, maybe we can make some reservations !!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Disappointing Site

We need to fill these seats ! ! !

A Disappointing Site

Two Separate Copies Of BDG2M Are On Order

Both Barley Man and I ordered our copies of The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich, 5th Edition yesterday. After several emails with The Larry, it was determined that an order placed yesterday would arrive in my grubby little hands prior to my departure for Europe on Thursday. Yeee Ha ! ! ! Since I will be in Munich at the end of my trip, I wanted to be one of the first to anoint "The Book" with a visit to a new beer hall or two.

Keep your eyes posted here for pictures of the arrival. If I am lucky, maybe The Larry will even sign the book for me.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Oktoberfest Truly is a Religious Experience

I'm sure many of you have seen this, but if not, this is proof that you can find religion in beer. We are indeed lucky that Pope Benedict XVI is German.

A Religious Experience