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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Collection is Complete...

I now have all 5 Editions of the Bible ! !

That's right, I have procured the 1st Edition and the 3rd Edition to go with my existing 2nd, 4th and 5th Editions.

Here they are...

You may say, "heh Chugger, those two on the left look the same"; and they do. They are different, however, as shown by the inside covers and some of the text. The 2nd Edition is really a revised 1st Edition, and I don't think at the time that Field Führer Larry believed there would be a 3rd, 4th or 5th Edition. And now I hear there will be a 6th ! ! ! He even said so much to me in an email...

"I should have kept more aside, but then again, who knew there would ever be a second, third or even a sixth edition (next spring)."

Here is a peek at the inside of the first two "editions" to show the difference:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

We Have A Winner ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yes, the winner of the BarleyMan unused hotel room sweepstakes has been determined.

Please welcome the newest member of this year's excursion, Mr. Dan Rang, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 1997 Woody Trip ! !

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 4 Activities (as Desired by The Grand Puhba)

As our sojourn begins to wind down on this fourth and final day, we will probably need to make up for lost time at The Wiesn. Our Wiesn visits so far have been limited to evening attempts, which of course is when most of the fun and frivolity takes place. Today is different. As with 2005's final day, The Grand Puhba desires to proclaim Monday, 24 September, as The Day at The Wiesn. This means an early morning arrival at our favorite tent; Löwenbräu-Festhalle??? Bräurosl????

We should plan to arrive around or before opening time of 10:00 (probably even by 9:00). This ensures a spot as close to the musical entertainment as possible. Remember last year's prime location?

We then spend our final day together enjoying the amber nectar, pork products, and the most important part of the experience..... The Sing-alongs ! ! !

Please study up on your favorite lyrics:
Who the Fuck is Alice
Take Me Home, Country Roads
Let It Be
Hey Baby

So Speaketh The Grand Puhba

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 3 Activities (as Suggested by The Grand Puhba)

As is customary, today we pay homage to the roots of beerdom, the monastery. In particular, we will visit Kloster Andechs, home of the infamous Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel and the succulent Crispy Grilled Pork Knuckle (Gegrillte Haxe).

Other thirst quenchers are also available:

This trip to Andechs combines the pleasure of food and drink, with the obvious religious overtones required on a Sunday. In addition, this time of contemplation will allow us to reflect on the sacrifice of The Grand Puhba Emeritus (TGPE), and his dedication to family matters. In keeping with the wishes of TGPE, we will seek out and allow the senior Shannon to once again test run the local engineering marvels..

Since The Grand Puhba is all knowing and all caring, the remainder of this holy day is left to the glorious flock to propose, organize and execute. This may be the opportunity for the 2009 Grand Puhba in Training to show us his abilities. What say you barbus?

So Speaketh The Grand Puhba.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 2 Activities (as Recommended by The Grand Puhba)

We start the day with a trip to Bräustüberl Tegernsee, a new venue for all of us.

After a leisurely (and light) breakfast to recover from our first day in the Fatherland, we meet at the Hauptbahnhof for the 10:42 BOB Train (Bayerische Overland Bahn) and a short one hour train ride to Tegernsee. After arriving in Tegernsee at approximately 11:42, we take a short (less than 1 kilometer) walk to the Bräustüberl. After a few brews to get acclimated to this new venue, we probably have some lunch (aka pork products ! ! !).

Our return to München is only dictated by the fun we have and the BOB timetable. Our friend BOB departs Tegernsee at the following times in the afternoon:


Once we return to München, we can then decide on the evening's activities. A trip to the Wiesn could be in order, but remember it is opening day. That has never stopped us before, and it only means choosing the proper tent and being aggressive in table acquisition.

So Speaketh The Grand Puhba.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 1 Activities (as Directed by The Grand Puhba)

One of the most important duties of The Grand Puhba is to recommend the activities the Oktoberfesters partake in. Some would call this organizing, but we all know better..... this group of drunks and vagabonds cannot be organized. So, with that said, and with all due previous inputs, the recommended activities for Day 1, 21 September, are as follows:

Arrive in Munchen
Most of the American contingent (Chugger, EinFahrt, Jack, mac) arrive by train from Amsterdam around 14:04.

The Dutch contingent of Barbus and Schlumberger Lady arrive by personal transportation vehicle at some yet undetermined time. Most likely prior to the train arrival.

The remaining colonists (Shannon-n-Shannon) arrive by airborne courier at 17:10. Hotel arrival most likely not until around 19:00.

First Order of Business

Meet between 15:30 and 16:00, after a long day of travel, cold refreshments and general joviality is required.

Remainder of the evening to be determined by 1) consensus of the Oktoberfesters and 2) quantity of Helles consumed.

Recommendation: End the evening at Augustinerkeller

So Speaketh The Grand Puhba.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ramblings from The Grand Puhba

It is with great trepidation that I once again assume this role. Obviously it is an honor not to be taken lightly, but it would have been best left with the previous owner. While we do not completely understand the circumstances, we accept the tough decision that was made. There is activity to replace (oops, bad choice of words) BarleyMan on this year's roster. Hopefully some confirmation will occur in the next few days.

Nonetheless, it is time to get back to the business of bier, pork fat, and all around joviality for this trip. As of this posting, we have approximately 35 days and 17 hours and 44 minutes until Oktoberfest begins, and as Grand Puhba I make the following proclamations:

1. Come forth and post (or is it Prosit?)
2. Please limit the negativity in the posts. This trip is about fun and camaraderie, we do not need the harsh reality of life to dampen our spirits (i.e. BarleyMan's withdrawal, the Dollar to Euro ratio).
3. While BarleyMan recently posted about the need for an anthem (and no one, myself included, responded), maybe we need a theme instead. While themes have in the past been assigned based upon some unique characteristic of the trip (see BarleyMan's account here), maybe we should proactively set this year's theme.

Recognizing the attention span of Oktoberfestians, I will limit this posting to just these proclamations. More to follow as the event approaches.

To quote and honor the Grand Puhba Emeritas, I too leave you with this directive...

Go with Prosit ! !

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It is with deep regret.....


Due to personal reasons, Dave Jr., and I will not be able to attend Oktoberfest 2007. We are sad for missing this years trip, but am confident that Chugger, Einfahrt, Barbus, Joe, and team will carry on the tradition.

I do have a luxurious double room at the Hotel Alfa, during the fest, if anyone else wants to join the group.

I will also assume the title of Grand Puhba Emeritis, and appoint Chugger back to his traditional role as grand Puhba.

I will miss the comraderie we have always experienced on the trip.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Beer Prices Oktoberfest 2007 cnt'd

August 6 - 2007
1 EUR = 1.3795 USD
1 Mass 7.9 Euro(s) = 10.8981 US Dollar(s)

August 1st - 2007
1 EUR = $1.368
1 Mass EUR 7.90 = $10.81

September 30 - 2005
1 EUR = $1.20
1 Mass EUR 7.25 = $ 8.70

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rumors of my Demise

Are greatly exaggerated.

I have been consumed by the the non-beer oriented minions of Beazebub. They will not let me mediatate in peace, thinking of the cold golden nectar that soon awaits. Nor the tubular essence of pork or the salty freshness of the bretzel.

I need to fight them off one more day, then they will be vanquished and I will be free to dream!

Fear not! Fight the fight! And go with Prosit!


My first post of August...


Less than 50 days until B-Day.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beer Prices Oktoberfest 2007

August 1st - 2007
1 EUR = $1.368
1 Mass EUR 7.90 = $10.81

September 30 - 2005
1 EUR = $1.20
1 Mass EUR 7.25 = $ 8.70