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Friday, September 28, 2007

Oktoberfest 2007: In Retrospect

Well, I sit here today at the office wishing I had a nice Mas of the Golden Elixir. Since I don't, I'll just reflect on our latest sojourn.

It was a success. Everyone is accounted for. There were no injuries (except for maybe Cathy's forehead Friday night). And most importantly, there were no arrests.

The weather was Wundervoll ! ! Lots of sun, warm, and no rain. Please thank The Grand Puhba for these arrangements.

The trip to Braustuberl Tergensee was a hit as well. Not only was it a new venue, but the town and scenery were great. And...... it was the only trip with ALL Oktoberfestians. Which leads us to my next point...

While the group was smaller than 2005 (10 people vs. 17 people), it still was difficult (and frustrating) at times to manage. Maybe the next Grand Puhba will have better success (or at least less frustration).

The reserved table at Paulaner was good and bad. First the bad... The tables were much smaller than those on the main floor, and they were crammed very tightly together. Who would have thought that the tables on the floor actually afford you some room. In addition, most of the people in the reserved balcony area seemed a little too reserved for us. No singing, no partying, and you weren't even allowed to be on the benches. YUCK ! ! ! ! The good.... It guarantees entrance ! ! ! ! If the tent had been closed, we would still have gotten in. So we were able to utilize our included beer tokens and coupons, and then scout out room on the main floor. All in all, it appears that the consensus is to try it again next time. ACTION ITEM FOR DAN ! !

While we always say "this is the last Oktoberfest", somehow these trips keep happening. I look forward to being a follower next time, and having the new Grand Puhba lead the way. Who will it be? BarleyMan who was unfortunately missing, or potentially the first international Grand Puhba, Barbus. While Barbus was elected during our final dinner in Munich, there seems to be some controversy about the type of ballot (not secret, hanging chads, etc). Barbus still purports that "if nominated, he will not run, if elected, he will not serve". We shall see.

I'll close for now with a final thought.....

The Prost was with us.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Did the Oktoberfesters make it home?

Did they survive? We haven't heard from them in a while...

I hear the Dayton Liver Reunification Center is working overtime.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Secret of the Brown Envelope Revealed

The mystery surrounding the envelope has been solved. Prior to leaving for Oktoberfest, The Grand Puhba was in secret consultations with hotel management, and the result of this international statesmanship was a Reserved Table at the Paulaner Tent ! ! !

That's right Paulaner Girl.. we had reserved seats, bier tokens, and coupons for more bier and food at your namesake tent. A great time was had by all.... Wish you could have been there.

BarleyMan... we missed your guiding influence, and look forward to our next sojourn with you in charge. I must warn you, however. Barbus is very excited about being the first International Grand Puhba. We have even anointed him Grand Puhba Elect. I suspect he would relinquish his title in honor of you, though.

Anyway, here's a link to all of the photos The Grand Puhba took during the escapades at Paulaner. These have not been edited or resized yet, so they are large. Be patient while viewing. A consolidated collection of photos and videos will follow shortly after our return.

Until we meet again.... May The Prost Be With You.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


What more can we say ?

Oh.... Hi BarleyMan.

Munich Day 1

Traveling team of Oktoberfestians has arrived and are safely ensconced at the center of all activities, the Hotel Alfa.

Shortly after arrival, The Grand Puhba was seen entering a secret room with hotel management. After some time behind closed doors, The Grand Puhba was caught leaving the room with a mysterious brown envelope. The envelope was reported to contain secret icons of drinking. This appears to be something special that only grand puhbas have access to. We will continue the investigation and report back at a later time.

As is usual on our first day, we did make it to the Hofbrauhaus. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. And as usual, we took our first victim.

May The Prost Be With You !

Thursday, September 20, 2007

23:47 in Amsterdam.....

Off to the Fatherland at 06:32 tomorrow. The next post will be in German :-)

Sorry BarleyMan... Pictures not permitted in the Red Light District.

May The Prost Be With You.

PROOF ! ! ! !

The Boys R Back In Town.

As previously posted, we have made it to Amsterdam. Being Amsterdam, most of the pictures are not for public consumption. However, this proves we are all present and accounted for...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Chugger, Speedy, Einfahrt and Jack have safely arrived in Amsterdam. More to follow.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UPDATE on Doctor Visit

For any Oktoberfesters that care (not many that I can attest to), I have just returned from my visit with Dr. Bad Juan. If you are at all inclined to know the outcome (which isn't evident by the blog activity), either post here or send me an email.

May The Prost Be With You !

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grand Puhba Still Undecided

While I am still undecided on my status, check here, I am leaning towards attending. My biggest concern is my muscle issue, but if this beautiful blond bombshell can handle it, why can't I?

Final decision to be made tomorrow evening after consultations with our local soothsayer, Bad Juan.

May The Prost Be With You !

Monday, September 10, 2007

Grand Puhba Status Still Undetermined

Please reference this post detailing the issue that I, your glorious Grand Puhba am faced with.

Because of the Friday evening LobsterFest activities, I was unable to make my Saturday doctor appointment, so my status for the trip is still undetermined. While I appreciate the encouragement offered by FlyingDan, Barbus and BarleyMan, I was disappointed in the lack of third party consultative activities during the 'fest (not to be confused with THEEE FEST !! ! !). There was nothing to assure me that my condition would not be life threatening, or at least seriously harmful to myself or others. So with our departure to the Fatherland quickly approaching, I am facing a major decision point.

I now believe that while this is a medical issue, there may not be anything that a doctor can do for me. I need to work this out myself with the cooperation and encouragement of friends and family; especially my fellow Oktoberfestians. Barbus' recommendation of the medical help available in Amsterdam may be what convinces me to travel. The "up and down" therapy offered by these experts may very well mitigate the issues, and allow me to continue the trip to Munchen. In addition, the train ride from Amsterdam may also offer an opportunity for rest and relaxation, ensuring that my arm could indeed manage the strain that will be placed upon it.

I hope to make a "go no-go" decision this Wednesday evening after treatment with the local golden elixor known as "Bad Juans".

May The Prost Be With You !

Friday, September 07, 2007


I beleive that the Lobsterfest will get you back into shape. Remember that minimal spillage of beer can be tolerated as long as someone brings a lap dog so they can lick the mess clean.

EDITED by The Grand Puhba....

A Lap Dog like this?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another Oktoberfester May Drop Out

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must announce another casualty of this year's trip. Yours truly, The Grand Puhba, will probably withdraw from the roster this weekend. After being deeply immersed in the planning and euphoria leading up to this bi-annual sojourn, you have no idea how disheartening it will be to not be part of the culminating activities (especially with the earlier withdrawal of BarleyMan).

Unlike BarleyMan, I can share with you the reasons for my withdrawal; a medical issue has arisen. I have a doctor's appointment Saturday morning, and it will be at that time when a final decision will be made with regards to my attendance. I can tell you that the reason is muscular related.

I am concerned about my ability to properly and effectively manage the repetitive "up and down" arm motion required during the long hours of Maß manipulation. I have not had sufficient practice in the past few months, and like any serious athlete, the lack of appropriate training can lead to life threatening injuries. I can envision at best sore forearm muscles (the Flexor Carpi Radialis and Extensor Carpi Radialis). At worse, this could lead to over compensation and tearing of the predominant biceps muscle (Biceps Brachii). This could even lead to uncontrolled shaking of the hand, resulting in bier spillage, or even dropping of the Maß (a capital offense during these hallowed times).

I have scheduled my doctor's visit for Saturday morning so that some additional training and third party expert consolations can occur tomorrow during LobsterFest. I take my responsibilities as Grand Puhba seriously, and I hope that those in attendance at LobsterFest will provide as much comfort and subject matter expertise as possible. Hopefully with the support of all, I will get through this and be able to cancel my Saturday appointment.

May the Prost with with you !