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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Serious Matter Before The Collective


While preparing international law enforcemnt agencies for our arrival in Europe this fall, I received a disturbing note from Ronald Nobel, head of Interpol. In it he advised me that one of our intrepid band had a "Not to Travel in Confined Spaces (NTCS)" alert issued under his passport number. Yikes.

It was stated clearly that this person must either wear a bubble-boy suit during travel OR be supervised by a Personal Inhaler. Should this person emit any noxious fumes, the Personal Inhaler must immediately suck up all the air around the offender.

Therefore, by the power invested me by the monastery of hops, I hereby appoint Chugger as Einfahrt's Personal Inhaler.

Here is a link to the evidence presented by Interpol. A thermal image of Einfahrt's last trip to Amsterdam. (Thermal images make you look skinnier than you really are)

---Grand Puhba

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Pilgrimige Continues...

In keeping with The Grand Puhba's directive, I have sought out and found another holy place of worship. This new place, called The Brew Kettle, is most interesting. Not only does it brew and serve excellent Golden (and Brown and Amber and Light Tan) Nectar, but it is a place for home brewers to congregate and brew their own as well.

I discovered this place while in Cleveland last week for my mother's funeral. Some may call this sacrilegious, seeking out venues of pleasure during such a solemn time, but I felt it appropriate for drowning my sorrows. While there was much to choose from, I imbibed on Stone Ruination IPA. A great mixture of flavor, aroma, and almost chewy hops... just the way Chugger likes it.

Since I am heading back to Cleveland today for yet another funeral (my sister's Father-in-Law), I will once again pay homage at this place of worship. This time I hope to sample more than one style of nourishment.

Prosit ! !

Here's some home brewers at work...