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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Be Careful of New Beer Tap Being Tested for 2007

Maybe the female gender will approve, but I don't know.

Monday, October 30, 2006

You know you are committed to this trip when...

you actually have airline reservations. As of today, Einfarht and Chugger have reservations to Amsterdam, and then home from Munchen. I believe these are the first, and only, reservations to be confirmed for this trip. Let's go fellow Oktoberfestians.

Here are the details of our itinerary...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Perspective on the World Series

Yes, friends, my beloved Tigers lost the world series. After a great season, they looked sloppy in their losses to St Louis. But it was a fantastic season, and the biggest turn around for any MLB team ever. Something like 14 losing seasons, then they are in The Show.

Now to those of you who felt it necessary to call me and remind me that the Tigers lost, I have a few points to make:

1. The Tigers had a great season, beating "expert" predictions by a wide margin.
2. No team from Ohio made the playoffs, let alone made it to The Show.
3. One caller's college team (Bowling Green) lost to the Temple Owls. The Tempble Owls have not won a game since November...... 2004! I did not call this friend, because I have pity for him and his ilk.
4. It's 85 and sunny where I am. That makes up a lot for losing a baseball game. ;-0

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Herr Doppelbock Has a Smokier side!


I think not!

It's Rauch Bob!

He looks so Happy.

Welcome to doppleboch

While a new member to the blog has silently registered, he is known by many. A veteran of past sojourns, Herr Doppleboch is one to be accepted.

In other words.... say Hi to "BobR"

Grand BeerMugPoobah

Have you noticed that there are two basic types of Oktoberfestians? There are the smart, educated ones (mostly female) with engineering and medical degrees, for example. And then there are the Oktoberfestians who are essentially monkeys with Beer Mugs. We call them BeerMugHolders. I think we need different strategies for dealing with them.Now before you go and accuse me of racial insensitivity, remember that the BeerMugHolders are my race (Caucasian). They are simply uneducated. What I’m about to say will seem unkind, but it’s an objective fact that almost everything the BeerMugHolders do can be taught to a chimp, e.g. ride motorcycles, shoot rifles, eat, wear pyjamas, poop.If you make a list of all the things monkeys do NOT do, then compare it to the list of things the BeerMugHolders likewise do NOT do, you’d find a lot of similarities. Monkeys don’t read and write, don’t use computers, don’t play Scrabble, don’t invent anything, and so forth. To be fair, the BeerMugHolders do have language skills whereas monkeys can only use sign language. But the point is that we shouldn’t use the same strategy with the BeerMugHolders that we use with the smart Oktoberfestians. We’ll have to “quarantine” the smart ones, e.g. let them go to Scotland (Inverness). We can outsmart the dumb ones.Here’s my plan. I call it the Grand BeerMugPoobah. As I understand the Oktoberfest system, faithful Oktoberfestians such as the BeerMugHolders tend to do whatever their higher religious authorities instruct them to do. And in most cases the faithful have never personally seen the highest religious authority in their chain of command. That’s extra true if you are an illiterate BeerMugHolders goober with no TV or radio. Everything is based on word of mouth.So what we should do is hire an actor (Borat ?) to assume the role of the highest religious figure in the BeerMugHolders religious hierarchy. I call him the Grand BeerMugPoobah. Then you take him on a tour around Bavaria so everyone can see him and spread the world. You might need to hire a few thousand extras to act as his groupies, just to impress onlookers. We could use all of our Hollywood expertise to make the Grand BeerMugPoobah seem authentic. He’d have an impressive back story about his humble origins and his rise to the highest level of BeerMugPoobahdom. Ideally, he could learn some mind reading tricks from Penn and Teller just to wow the crowd. He might even predict the future, such as tomorrow’s weather, because even that would impress the BeerMugHolders.Once the Grand BeerMugPoobah has established himself as the ultimate religious authority, he can start issuing orders. For example, he can order the BeerMugHolders to subsidize the smart Oktoberfestians when going to Scotland. You might think it would be hard to convince the BeerMugHolders that the Grand BeerMugPoobah is their new religious authority. But consider that the BeerMugHolders are perhaps the world’s most gullible people. And you don’t need to win over every single BeerMugHolder. All you need is a simple majority because the majority will then kill the minority. Problem solved.This probably won’t be the plan that wins me the Nobel Beer Prize. But can you think of any reason it wouldn’t work?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Let the Hotel Discussions Begin

With the approval of the Grand Puhba, I have made reservations for four double rooms at the infamous (sometimes chastised) Hotel Alfa. These four rooms are for arrival on 21 September, with departure on 25 September. The price is 215 Euros per night, and we must make full payment in April.

So, since I believe I will be sharing a room with Einfahrt, who speaketh for the other three rooms?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Communication from the Field Research Furher

As is appropriate with all planning, contacting and inviting those that have a great influence on your activities is not only appropriate, but required. As our plans evolve, I felt it only appropriate to contact Herr Larry Hawthorne, author of The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich (BDG2M), and our inspiration for these trips.

I invited him to join us should his travels allow, and his response was prompt in coming, and offered the traditional guidance and wisdom we have come to expect. Please see his response.


Thanks for thinking of us for your next O-fest trek. Eliska and I can't commit to anything right now, since we seldom plan anything that far in advance. Usually, we save our research trips for the summer months and catch Oktoberfest when we can. The 5th edition is selling pretty well and our estimation is that we will be in Munich next summer (2007) to gather the info for a 6th edition (does this burden ever end?). If we do find ourselves at the Fest, we'd also love to hook up with your brew crew.

Just have to see how it goes, but my guess right now is that we'll likely be about a month in Munich in the July-August timeframe (we really like the Dachauer Volksfest, BTW). Also, appreciate the unsolicited but nevertheless welcome reviews on Amazon. Folks really do read those blurbs. Of course we'll keep up with your progress via the blog and try to contribute occasionally as well.

Cheers to all.


Dayton-based Oktoberfestians Unavailable Weekend of 10-20 thru 22

The Dayton-based Oktoberfestians will be unavailable for posting and commenting during the weekend of October 20 - 22. As is usual for this time of year, a sojourn will occur to contemplate the stars, the moon, the little white round spherically dimpled items, and of course investigate the nectar of hops and grape juice.

What, pray tell, do these Oktoberfestians accomplish? Quite alot, actually. They commune with nature, once again demonstrate their lack of prowess on the links, and contribute to the economy through the consumption of mass quantities (alcohol that is). With timing as it is, this year will also culminate in intellectual discusions surrounding the main event of 2007. We will reminisce, and propose plans and ideas for the trip. A full report will then be presented to the entire Oktoberfest 2007 Organizing Committe, chaired by the honorable Grand Puhba BarelyMan.

Kumbaya to all, and Prosit !

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hey Chugger, what's up with the blog. Why do things appear so far down the page!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

First Pass at 2007 Itinerary

Not including the Amsterdam pre-trip.....

Friday......... normal Hofbrauhaus and maybe Augustiner Keller

Saturday.... Kloster Andechs (we missed it last time)

Sunday....... Kloster Weltenburg (two klosters in one visit? last time didn't do it justice)

Monday...... Zieglerkeller Dachau (maybe no rain this time)

Friday, October 13, 2006


Guys, As I did not understand your political discussions, I tried to learn more about your history :) Here is what I found; it makes sense. Please have a look at "having your cake"

Do you know this Air Guitar Star?

Possible AMS --> MUC Train

Depart Amsterdam Centraal at: 07:07

Arrive Munich Hauptbahnhof at: 14:28

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Award tickets

Delta allows booking of award, and other, tickets 331 days in advance of the day of the flight.

Sep 18 (Tuesday) CVG -> AMS
Sep 21 (Friday) AMS -> MUC
Sep 25 (Tuesday) MUC -> CVG

Is not yet possible to book. But, it will be by October 29th.

Looks like 100,000 miles required.

Update: National Rental has a VW Passat (5 passenger wagon) available for pickup at the AMS airport, to be returned at the MUC airport, for 4 days for 159 Euro.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Sad Day for Sure :-(

Captured from the official Oktoberfest Web Site...

The 173rd Wiesn is over!
The 173rd Oktoberfest has ended, the world famous beer tents closed their doors and the fun rides are already beginning to leave the grounds. Now hard times for all Oktoberfest fans have to be bridged: There are 352 days, 21 hours and 22 minutes left until the 174th Oktoberfest will open its gates.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boy Jr. needs a Blogname

He can't think of a good blogname.... hmmmmm. Any suggestions?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Oktoberfest 2007 Poll

Which Oktoberfest 2007 Weekend?
Opening Weekend - Sept. 21 - Sept. 25
Second Weekend - Sept. 28 - Oct. 2
Free polls from

Oktoberfest 2007 - Less than a year away !

How does the week-end of September 28 - October 2 sound?

I once again nominate BarleyMan as the Grand Puhba for the event.