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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A tale of horror. But maybe not...

With all the scare tactics being used on us now, I thought I would try one of my own.  It actually has a happy ending.  LOL

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Airbrau in Munchen

Never took the time to visit this place. Always in a hurry to hit the ground and head to the hotel, or hurrying early in the morning to make our flight. Since we get in at 9:15, thought maybe a quick stop-by would be appropriate.

Check it out here...

Also, here's Larry's review from the BDG2M:

"We only ask three things of Munich beer establishments: They be convenient, good, and, well, cheap. Normally, it's a "pick any two" proposition. Tough to get all three. Airbräu scores the hat trick. It could not be more convenient to visitors arriving in Munich. It's literally inside the airport. But unlike most airport offerings, instead of a mark-up, it's a mark down. These are some of the most economical choices in beer in all of Munich.

Airbräu is actually a brewpub, since they are making the most of a spacious airport location to brew several varieties, including a helles, a dark, a wheat and a doppelbock that includes the obligatory -ator suffix, called, naturally, Aviator. The food is outstanding as well and at reasonable prices.

What a great way to pop the cap on Munich and celebrate your arrival with a first-taste of the city's most prized liquid offerings. So, roll the luggage along to an outstanding kick-starter to your vacation. Airbräu takes off with 3-1/2 beers."

Prost !

Thursday, July 07, 2016

A few memories from the archives....

Circa 1993, aka The Trip That Started It All

Chugger doing what he does best....

Chugger, Designated Walker (love the doo), Barley Man

The First Oktoberfestians (clockwise starting on left)
Einfahrt, Jim VonHolle, Chugger, Mike Iwicki (aka Psycho), Security Guard, Barley Man, Designated Walker

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I'm not religious.....

But doesn't this make you want to go to church? Kloster Andechs on a Sunday with a couple Dopplebachs. A truly religious experience. Can't wait for September.

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Sunday, July 03, 2016

A New Monikor

Drunk Monks!

Designated Walker and I were discussing day trip options. Since my suggestions always include bier and monasteries. She said that Jeep CJ will think there's nothing but "drunk monks"!


Keith ...
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Paging Alcoholische and Betrunken (and of course Jeep CJ)

Fellow Oktoberfestians.....

I'm proposing the possibility of visiting Kloster Weltenburg on Monday, 26 September. The team has been there only once, and while a beautiful place, it was memorable for the wrong reasons. This was the year of our 'Uber Trip'; 17 group members. It was raining, and there were other issues as well. We have always wanted to go back, but getting there is a challenge; train, bus, ferry, walk, etc.

So, first of all, check the place out here.

I have two options to propose if there is interest. 1) We jointly rent a car and drive. It is about 1hr. 20 mins. This gives us the most flexibility and is the most affordable. Unfortunately, this means someone becomes the designated driver. Option 2), we see about hiring a car and driver to take us. Also provides flexibility, but would be more expensive.

I don't know what you guys have planned, but if interested, let me know and I will investigate further.


Here's a couple pics...

Jeep CJ Asks About Day Trips

It's now 81 days until arrival and Jeep CJ asked about day trips. So I guess it is time to float some ideas.

This year will only allow time for 2 out of town trips. Friday will be consumed with arrival, then the Hofbrauhaus, and maybe the Wiesn since we have a small team. Saturday will also be the Wiesn thanks to tent reservations acquired through Anton at Hotel Alfa.

Sunday is our traditional religious pilgrimage to Kloster Andechs. This isn't a full day, so getting there early enough for bier and lunch leaves plenty of time to return to Munchen early afternoon and maybe visit Englischer Gardens or the Viktrualienmarkt. Monday is still open.

Comments anyone?