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Saturday, October 04, 2008

When will the FUN be back again ?

There was an interesting story published in "die Welt" by a Biologist named Josef Reichholf .
"MUNCHEN - nomadic people started 12,500 years to choose a fixed residence after it had been discovered that of barley beer could be made.
That is what biologist Josef Reichholf writes in a study form Bavaria which the German newspaper Die Welt reported on Saturday article"
Reichholf now proves that almost immediately after the last Ice Age, the switch to agriculture -and the root of all civilization- was not caused by the fact that this is a more productive mode of production (this was already questioned in the 1970s); the real reason why human beings became sedentary farmers, is because they had discovered how to make beer of barley.

Btw: he also interviewed about Global Warming
I have to believe the guy. He is right about BEER too!

Friday, October 03, 2008

100% Vote for the Weekend of September 25

Me and BarleyMan

BarleyMan said...We can do the weekend of the 25th. Alex moves back to Santa Cruz the weekend before!