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Monday, August 26, 2013

Bundhosen and Dirndls on the way!

Ordered on Saturday,  shipped on Sunday.  Be here soon!  I may have to wear out and about here in San Diego.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Barley Man: A Challenge

Designated Walker says she is disappointed with my BDG2M t-shirt. Says too many non-checked places. I guess we have a challenge to meet.

Keith ... Sent from my iPhone

The Newest Hofbrauhaus

Road Trip?

Keith ... Sent from my iPhone

An Afternoon of Training

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Training Question...

As experienced Oktoberfestians we know the importance of good training before the event.  I am specifically talking about bier consumption as well as elbow, wrist and shoulder exercises.

However, I am a little perplexed about my training for Pork Products.  Should I ease into it? Jump in by consuming the best of the best?  Or just wait and take the plunge in Munchen?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

30 Days! Time is running out!

Paulaner Girl and I have started the final prep for the trip... Only 30 days away!

Our Dirdl's and Bundhosen will be on order shortly.  I have Spaten in the fridge, and a special surprise will be delivered today by 10:30...  you will have to wait to see that one.  ;-)

I'll be busy putting together some suggestions for random times we are free during the trip,  doing appropriate research, etc.  Coincidentally, a friend from work will be there at the same time. He an his wife will be visiting Munich for the first time.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Time for Intimacy?

Paulaner Girl........ Barley Man,

We will have two days in Munchen with just the three of us.  Are there things to do or places to go that would be appropriate for our small group?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Proposed Day of Culture

Here's some thinking about what we can do on Wednesday to enhance our cultural experience......

In the morning I propose a return visit to Kloster Andechs.  This delivers our normal religious experience while enjoying the wonderful food, brew and beautiful scenery.  Since the trip is not very long, about 40 mins plus the bus, this is very easy in the morning for an early lunch. 

Jane has also proposed a walking tour of Hitler's Third Reich.  Take the link and see what you think.  This is an organized tour that leaves from the Hauptbahnhof daily at 15:00 and lasts about 2.5 hours.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Salt Mine Tour Tickets....

Have been purchased.  We are committed (or should be) for the 11:20 tour on Monday, 23 September.

Prost !

Friday, August 09, 2013

Sequoia Toilets

Ladies and Gentlemen... we are not alone in our amusement by the Alfa's rather curious receptacles.

Behold:   Click Here

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Point of Order

I know I have not been consistent, so I want the crew to opine.

Are we 'Oktoberfesters' or 'Oktoberfestians' ?

I think Oktoberfestians has a more formal sound to it.

What say you, oh 'Oktoberfest-er-ians'?

Ok, Let's Start Getting Serious

Time is quickly approaching, and I sometimes tend to over plan. So this will be my final attempt to gain agreement for our initial excursion.

The proposal is a trip to Berchtesgaden on Monday with a visit to the Salt Mine and Eagles Nest.  There is some concern as to whether we can actually do both in the same day.  The original crew did it back in 1993, so we know it can be done.  The issue, especially with a large group, is timing.  How early can we get there and how late can we stay?

If we do the trip on our own, here's some detail....
The first two Salt Mine tours (one of which we should take) are at 9:56 and 11:00.  I believe the tours are 90 minutes, so the later one would be finished around 12:30.  The travel options for getting there in time are:
  • Leaving Munich at 5:53 with arrival at 8:54
  • Leaving Munich at 6:38 with arrival at 9:23.  Then only have 30 minutes to get to Salt Mine.
  • Leaving Munich at 7:27 with arrival at 10:01.  I actually think this connection, with the bus, stops right at the Salt Mine.
Barbus and Schlumberger Lady will be meeting us in Berchtesgaden as they are driving in from Italia.  So...  Barbus, how early can you be there?

Getting to the Eagles Nest means back to the Berchtesgaden Bahnhof, then a bus to the Dokumentation Center, then another bus up the mountain.  The buses from the Bahnhof leave about every 20 minutes.  Same for the trip back.

Traveling home has several options as well...
  • Leaving Berchtesgaden at 17:20 with arrival at 20:17
  • Leaving Berchtesgaden at 18:20 arriving at 21:11
  • Other trains leaving the next two hours on the 20 minute mark
Two other items to note.....
  1. I suggest we pre-purchase our Salt Mine tickets.  They only take 50 people at a time, and the first tour is already 50% sold. 
  2. If we agree on train schedules we should also get group tickets.  It appears we can save about 20%, but it also looks like they must be purchased online ahead of time.
So, let the opining begin ................