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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Beer Futures

Upon noticing that the exchange rate is moving against us,  I started thinking about Beer Futures.

I don't have time to set one up,  nor do i think Hacker Pschorr will accept payment now for Beer in September. What to do....

I guess I can buy Euros now,    to spend on beer in September.   So if the exchange rate worsens to $1.35,  and I invest $1,000 now... I get an extra 65 euros to spend on beers,  @10.75 per beer...That means I have 6 extra beers in Munich. 

           Exchange rate Euros    Mass
Now                1.24 $1,000 € 806.45
September        1.35 $1,000 € 740.74     10.75
                                   € 65.71       6.11 


Chugger said...

You could just drink bier as usual and not worry about it.

Now that hotel is paid for, and flights have been purchased, just save a few dollars a week into the mug. Hey, there's an idea. Get out one of your official mugs and just keep putting spare change and dollars into it.

This is Henk! said...

How about buying some US Steel Industry Stocks ? Although maybe you will lose the short term gain when you have to buy a new car. For sure when you like to buy a European quality car. -:)

BarleyMan said...

Henk...yo mean they still build Yugos?