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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Soon to be Merry Christmas

As you enjoy any and all festivities, please remember that it is time to start thinking more seriously about next year's travel plans.

The dates in Munchen have been established, so it is now your turn to start thinking about travel plans. Currently only six Oktoberfestians have committed, but maybe as plans begin to be made, others will see the light. If you know of anyone "on the fence", please give them a shout. I have stopped hassling potential attendees a long time ago. They should be self motivated.

I would like to give Anton at the Hotel Alfa our first "heads-up" on room requirements in mid-January. Right now that would be only two rooms; assuming barbus and Schlumberger Lady do their own again.

Have a Fröhliche Weihnachten and a Glückliches Neu Yahr, and remember my second hip replacement surgery will be January 2nd. Oktoberfest 2018 will be the first time in many years I should be able to walk and party without any physical issues. Now, mental issues are another story.


This is Henk! said...

just booked our Hotel. Sept 27/Oct. 1

Chugger said...

Great news.

Happy New Year!

BarleyMan said...


Chugger... Good luck on the 2nd.. Let us know how it goes.

This is Henk! said...

Huh .. 2nd ? What’s up?

Chugger said...


As the original post says (last paragraph), I was scheduled for my second hip replacement on January 2. However, there has been a complication. Last Thursday before Christmas, I had to have emergency Gall Bladder surgery. I'm fine, but my hip surgeon now wants to delay my hip surgery 4-6 weeks. Argh!

I have an appointment later this afternoon with the doctor to discuss. Any and all good thoughts that would get this scheduled sooner rather than later will be appreciated.

Bring on Oktoberfest.

This is Henk! said...

Sorry ... did not read that post. But can imagine you regret the delay.
Anyway good luck and hopefully you can convince the surgeon.
Greetings H & G