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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Four Trip Alternatives

Well fellow Oktoberfestians, it is time to stimulate your thoughts.Start thinking about your prefered 2018 Anniversary Trip itinerary. I have included four options below, and there is a poll to the right to register your vote. Seems like a lot of options, but that's what blogs are for, so discuss and vote.

This post will remain at the top until we have a decision.

Traditional Visit

Day Shift Visit: (accommodates Barley Man and Paulaner Girl)

Traditional Visit with Pre-trip:

Day Shift Visit with Pre-trip:


This is Henk! said...

We prefer 9/29 (arr) - 10/01 (dep)

Chugger said...

Will Barbus, that was not one of the choices, but if it works for you.

Saturday through Monday is short.

This is Henk! said...

Ah I mean Thursday 27 - Oct 01

Chugger said...

Ah ha!

BarleyMan said...

See, I'm not the only one who has trouble with Dates. ;-)

Our flights will get in about 3:30 on the 27th!!

BarleyMan said...

I tried to use the voting buttons, but she no-a work!

Chugger said...

Must be operator error. It shows a vote for day shift.